Yes, I want to stop repeating past mistakes and learn more about what goes on inside a man's mind.


It's great that you see the value understanding men and their masculine perspective so that you don't need to make the same mistakes over and over.

I'm sure you are already aware that men and women are built very differently. Sometimes the masculine world can be completely counterintuitive to us women, and we need to understand this.

Because all misunderstandings and miscommunications with men come from a lack of understanding the basics of how the masculine and feminine energies differ.

From the masculine perspective, love, sex and relationships look very different to how they look from the feminine perspective.

Once you have this deep understanding of the masculine world, you will be able to easily understand a man's communication, and get through to him on his level.

...Not to mention have him appreciate and respect you for understanding him as a man.

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P.S. Below is a list of the programs we recommend for your situation. All these programs will be incredibly valuable for your situation and all of these will add to your understanding of men, love and relationships.

Our programs are created in three different pricing tiers, so that there's something affordable regardless of your financial situation. Our first recommendation is the Understanding Men program, as we believe this is the foundational program that all women need to go through.

P.S. Wherever you are in your life right now, and however you feel today, you can start the journey of becoming a woman whom understands men deeply, and as a result, will inspire men's admiration, respect and appreciation.

Whether you allow us to be your guide on this journey or find other guidance is up to you. Our only hope is for you to keep going and keep moving forward on that journey so that you can become a more valuable woman tomorrow than you were today.


There are 17 feminine physical triggers that instantly get a man’s blood boiling uncontrollably and have him fixated on you. (…and yes, these triggers are hardwired into every man’s neurology and biology.)

Learn exactly what these 17 attraction triggers are and what they can do for you!

(This is a general and basic level program, created for every woman.)

    Program Structure: PDF e-book format
    Who is this for: Single, Dating or In a relationship
    Author: D. Shen & Renee Wade
    Key Phrases: Attraction Triggers, Getting His Attention



What is he really thinking or feeling?

What are his deepest fears, desires, wishes and fantasies?

How can you as a woman get past his walls, masks and defences to really get through to his heart?

The answer is in our Understanding Men, because knowledge is power. And there’s infinite power in deeply understand men and their masculine perspectives.

(This is a basic program that we recommend for every woman of age, status and current situation to take.)

    Program Structure: Video Based 7 Module Program
    Who is this for: Single, Dating, In a relationship
    Author: D. Shen & Renee Wade
    Key Phrases: Masculine Perspective, Masculine desires and fears, masculine feminine polarity


Finding a deep sense of love and connectedness, attracting high value people into your life, the ability to create deep meaningful conversations, being able to elicit chemistry and emotional attraction, all these will become easy once you adopt a high value mindsets.

Discover the 7 specific high value mindsets you need in this masterclass.

(This is a basic program that we recommend for every woman of age, status and current situation to take.)

    Program Structure: Video Based Class
    Who is this for: Single, Dating, In a relationship
    Author: D. Shen
    Key Phrases: High Value Woman, Being High Value



Discover the 3 rules for "High Value Banter" to help you create romantic tension and emotional attraction with men online and take you from being just another awkward stranger to the most interesting, mysterious and exciting woman he has ever spoken to.

(This is a basic level program, suited for every woman of age, status and those looking to succeed in online dating. You can also get this program along with another fitting advance level program from us.)

    Program Structure: Video Based Mini-Program
    Who is this for: Single, Dating
    Author: D. Shen
    Key Phrases: High Value woman, social media facebook


Men are built to commit to the woman they perceive as their one and only. Question is, how do you become that valuable woman to your man?

In this course, we will show you the 5 secrets to have your chosen man fall in love with you & beg you to be his one & only!

(This is all brand new stuff that we haven’t taught before in any of our programs!)

    Program Structure: DVD with options for online version and platinum version
    Who is this for: Single, Looking and Dating, In a Relationship
    Author: Renee Wade
    Key Phrases: Becoming his one and only,Commitment resistance, Attraction and connection, Loyalty



Imagine having a very specific set of social skills that allow you to create emotional attraction with the man of your choice.

Now you can with the use of “Attraction Pebbles”.

These pebbles are small vestures and banter that make it impossible for him to not think of you and see you as high value and mysterious.

(This is an intermediate level program, suited for women with strong basic knowledge of men, love and relationship.)

    Program Structure: Video Based Program (12 episodes)
    Who is this for: Single, Dating, In a relationship
    Author: D. Shen
    Key Phrases: Cultivate Emotional Attraction, Make him fall in love, flirting with men,

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