Don’t do online dating until you read this…

An open letter to high value women struggling with online dating in 2024

Here’s the cold hard truth, dating as a single woman in 2024 (AKA “post-tinder” world) is honestly messed up.

What is wrong with men these days? Right?

Dating apps are full of weirdos, creeps, liars, love bombers, and if you’re lucky you might even speak to a few married men without realising it.

And why are men so low effort now?

(Online dating is like looking through the trash bin to find the best piece of garbage. Ew…)

What happened to old fashioned love?

It really doesn’t matter if it’s Tinder, Bumble, CMB, Plenty of Flesh (oops, I mean fish), OKstupid, eHarmony or Match. These superficial platforms are all the same…!

Truth is, if you wanted to torture your self esteem, just hop back on another dating app for 5 minutes. You know how it is!

…But there's always that thought somewhere niggling in the back of your mind... "what's wrong with me"?

Am I not pretty enough?

Am I not hot enough?

Do I need to be skinnier?

Should I wear sexier clothing?

Perhaps I'm being too superficial... surely there's more to me than just what meets the eye right?

Do I somehow intimidate men because I'm too smart? Am I too opinionated? Too confident?

How do I find the real meaning behind all this?

What used to work in dating doesn't work any more! 

Here’s what you have to understand…

What used to work doesn't work any more! What used to work in real life, doesn’t work at all in online dating. What used to work now gets you as a woman breadcrumbed, ghosted, gas lighted and lead down paths of ‘situationships’.

Of course you pick ourselves up, dust it all off and go and try again. (But each time with less hope and less enthusiasm.)

People LOVE to say: “when you stop looking, you’ll find it.” “There’s plenty more fish in the sea.” “‘Maybe you should try broaden your search (read lower your standards).

But that’s not YOU! I would never want you settle for less than you deserve or have to "change" yourself for someone else. I would never want you to compromise yourself for the sake of a lacklustre mediocre relationship.

So if you truly want to find love and attract your soul mate into your life, then listen up.

Whether you like it or not, online dating affects all of us. It has changed the entire culture of dating and as such we all have to adapt and evolve.

Even if you choose to get off of dating apps entirely, the men you meet are likely on multiple apps at the same time.

So we have to fully understand this new reality and decide our approach towards dating intelligently. We cannot just haphazardly move forward.

The biggest mistake women make in dating...

One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to online dating is that they do NOT eliminate the wrong types of men early enough. This first step is absolutely critical.

In other words, they allocate way too much time and emotions in the men they should have weeded out a long time ago. Because the last thing you want is to be emotionally attached to a man whom you have no future with.

Then and only then, you'll have the time and the emotional freedom to invest in the right types of men.

If you’re dating, here’s something I want you to remember.

By default, men and women have very different reproductive agendas. Our brains are shaped differently, purely because of the fact that men produce 300 million sperm a day and a woman in her prime only produces one egg a month.

So by default, men want to get into your pants, and by default, women want commitment from men.

And that’s exactly why you are experiencing what you’re experience with online dating.

By default, men look for easy women. And they’ll poke at you with their sexual innuendos to test how easy you are.

The only way to bridge this gap between the masculine reproductive agenda and the feminine reproductive agenda is through the cultivation of emotional attraction and emotional connection.

That’s it.

In other words, the only way to successfully find love and build a real committed and intimate relationship, is through your ability to establish emotional attraction and emotional connection. You want to get him hooked.

If you can do this successfully, you win the game. If you cannot, you lose. But don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this just yet, we will show you how as we go along.

Here's the good news...

But here’s the good news. Your ability to cultivate emotional attraction and emotional connection is never based upon your appearance, your age or your social status.

It is purely based on how you show up and how you approach dating with men. It comes down to your knowledge, your awareness and your skills when it comes to dating, attraction and men.

That is what we are going to teach you.

Here’s the good news.

We’re putting together the ultimate checklist for women to attract, connect and perhaps even marry their one true love whilst weeding out all the low value, low effort men.

This checklist is based off our real members getting real results. Like Yana going from icebreaker to engagement in a crazy 8 months. You can see her here…

Or our member Alena, who went from complete disappointment with dating to attracting her soul mate online by using some very important strategies we’re about to teach you…

Of course it doesn’t just stop there… we have coached hundreds of thousands of women in dating and relationships over the years and we have countless success stories. The point here is, online dating still works.

But it only will work for you if you understand what “kind” of game you must play when it comes to online dating.

Follow this 5 step checklist if you want to succeed

Having the privilege of coaching so many women over a long period of time, we’ve been able to distill all the important lessons and distinctions down to 5 critical steps when it comes to online dating.

Without this framework, you will inevitably attract the wrong types of men over and over until your confidence is destroy and your heart broken.

Without this framework, you will not be able to inspire any real effort from the men you meet and they will always put their own needs before yours.

Without this framework, you will have high value men slip right through your grasp because you won’t have the tools, the understanding and skills to keep them hooked on your emotionally.

So take this framework seriously and you will get serious results like our members.

And yes, every single one of these steps is important.

This is why we’ve put it into a checklist, so that you can easily understand each step and it’s significance to your overall journey.

It is this exact framework and checklist that has helped our ladies go from frustration and disappointment to getting engaged and married within sometimes as little as 12 months.

If you want a copy of this exact checklist, then here’s what I want you to do next.

Put yourself on the waitlist to get a copy of this checklist. There should be a button below to help you do this.

When you have registered with your best email, we will let you know exactly when you can get your own hands on a copy of this brand new checklist.

Along side this brand new 5 step checklist, you’ll receive a thorough guide that walks you through how you can implement the changes in your own personal love life.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn inside this 5 step checklist and the attached guide.

Discover precisely the 5 step checklist you need to follow in order to attract, connect and even marry your one true love whilst weeding out all the low value low effort men online. (Even if you’ve never had any success with online dating and you’re on the verge of giving up.)
Discover the 5 powerful paradigm shifts that must occur right now for you to escape the online dating rat race, regain your self esteem and inspire men to cherish your presence. (They might even fight over each other to pursue you and court you.)
Learn the 3 “seemingly innocent” things that 99% of women do when texting men that instantly kill their chances of finding love. (And what you need to do instead so that you don’t accidentally push high quality men away.)
Discover the 3 mistakes 99% of women make with their online dating profile that are literally inspiring men to be low effort towards them. (We’ll show you what to do instead so that men will offer their best selves to you from literally the first message.)
Learn how to covertly spot the narcissists, the lovebombers and the toxic men within the first 24 hours so that you never fall into their cunning traps and waste your precious time, energy and emotions. (Even when they are seasoned manipulators and hide behind a friendly face.)
Learn how to form strong yet feminine boundaries with a man so that he can respect you as a feminine soul, adore you as a woman, and cherish you as a prize. (Follow these steps and never get used by men again.)
Discover and learn the dark feminine art of cultivating emotional attraction through online platforms, without looking needy or desperate. (So that high value men put you in their “one and only” basket from day 1.)
Discover what exact steps you need to take to test a man’s intentions and his character, without being obvious or annoying or causing awkward moments. (…Even if he has ticked all the boxes and hasn’t put a foot wrong, you still need to test him and we’ll show you how.)
Learn how to stay safe online and never be scammed or sweet talked into a disaster waiting to happen. (Remember there are men preying on vulnerable women online, so take these steps to never be targeted again.)
And plenty more… (If you follow these steps and trust the process, you will have your men give up all the other online options, stop chatting to other women and never want to swipe again just to have the chance to be with you.)

So sign up to the wait list and we can’t wait for you to get access.

Regardless, we wish you all the very best and we hope you find the love you heart truly craves.

Talk to you soon.

Renee and D.Shen

P.S. Online dating still works. But it works very differently to real life dating. If you are going to spend the time and energy with online dating, then you must do it right.

Otherwise your heart and soul will be metaphorically dragged through the mud as your self esteem will be torn into shreds. Online dating is a jungle and without the right tools you will not survive. I don’t have to convince you of this, you already know this.

So take the time to truly learn what we’ll teach you in this 5 step checklist. Get on the wait list now and we can’t wait for you to get access!

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