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TheFeminineWoman.com, ShenWadeMedia.com and CommitmentTriggers.com are trading names for
Shen Wade Media Pty Ltd
ABN 69 132 049 051

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Attention: Renee & David
10 Hibiscus Ave
Cheltenham 3192
VIC Australia

Proud Supporter of…

UN Women

A portion of all sales is donated to UN Women, an organisation that helps to empower women in disadvantaged areas of the world, and end gender inequality & women’s abuse.

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We believe that every single one of us, you and I deserve love. We deserve to experience the feelings of warmth, connectedness and passion.

We deserve to be loved exactly how we are right now, without having to become someone else in the process, and regardless of how we look, how many friends we have, or how successful we think we are.

But unfortunately in this day and age, there aren’t many places where you can learn the skills of attracting the right partner for us and sustain a healthy relationship.

We don’t get taught these skills in our school system or any other academic environment.

But I believe our intimate relationship is one of the most important areas for us to focus on because it impacts us the most. Think about it, nothing else can make us feel as euphoric or as depressing as our intimate relationship.

And with that kind of power over our lives, I believe we all need to put more of our focus in this one area.

So we made it our mission here at Shen Wade Media to educate and empower men and women when it comes to dating, attraction, love and long term relationships. We believe by offering a world class education, we can really change lives, create more love in this world and move humanity forward.

We believe in delivering the most cutting edge advice and coaching in dating, relationships and spirituality. You see, there’s a science and an art to love and attraction, and we strive to always bring to you the latest and best transformational strategies.

It’s all about helping you become the next version the more educated and evolved version of you.

It's all about helping you experience the love and passion that you deserve to feel.