Extended Quiz Result Explanation: Am I Dating A Commitment Friendly Man? (...And how you can start inspiring a deeper sense of emotional investment in every man you meet.)

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Hey it's us, Renee Wade & D. Shen here the co-founders of Shen Wade Media, (and TheFeminineWoman.com as well as CommitmentTriggers.com.)

Thanks for doing our quiz: “Am I dating a commitment friendly man?”

Even though some of these questions may seem a little random, I promise you that there is a whole lot to learn about your man and commitment from the answers on this page.

Before we go through the extended explanations of your answers let us just reassure you that sometimes it may seem that your man isn’t so commitment friendly at one point in your relationship…

But that can change in any given moment.

You as a woman have the ability and power to trigger a deeper sense of commitment from your man instantly, even if he hasn’t shown much care for a while.

(So many of our students have experienced this immediate change from their man once their mental approach towards him is different.)

Because here’s something to remember… Your man is always responding to your energy, and if you shift your energy a fraction of a degree, your man will also noticeably shift his energy towards you.

Let’s first of all, go through your results of the quiz and what everything means for you.

Question 1. When I speak to other guys, and give attention to other men...

Here’s something interesting to know…

If a man is really interested in you on an emotional level, then he has no choice but to feel jealous whenever you give attention or your energy to another man.

It’s a biological reaction, he isn’t able to control it. It is a sign of him being invested in you.

If he were only after you because it was convenient or if he’s just chasing sex, then he wouldn’t get that gut level feeling of jealousy. It just isn’t there.

You see, jealousy is a sign of emotional commitment and investment. Jealousy serves a great purpose, even though it isn’t commonly viewed as such a “positive” emotion.

So what a lot of men have done is that they have made jealousy wrong to feel, or they try hard to suppress it. They may want everyone to get along, or they don’t want to upset anyone.

However if your man is feeling jealousy on any level, you can always tell no matter how hard he tries to cover it up. You just need to look deeper and feel the emotions inside of him regardless of what he tells you.

Easier said than done of course. It takes practice and getting good at reading a man.

If he isn’t afraid to show you his jealousy, then you need to look at how he expresses the jealousy.

  • Does it come out as anger towards you?
  • Does he do it in a caring way for you?
  • Does he lash out at you?
  • Does he care enough about you to try to avoid lashing it out at you?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Question 2. How willing is he to have a fight or argument with me?

If a man is invested in you, and if you are important to him, then he couldn’t help but be involved if an argument arises.

(And arguments will come up at some point, that’s not a bad thing like most people believe… but that’s for another conversation)

He won’t be able to help getting involved because he cares about you, cares about what you think and is also invested in your emotions.

In other words, if you don’t feel good, he doesn’t feel good. Your emotions impact his.

The men who avoid fights and arguments are men who are not so commitment friendly, generally speaking. They don’t want to get caught up with your emotions, they don’t want to be affected by your feelings.

Of course, there are also those types of men who fight just because they love to argue and be “RIGHT”. These men won’t listen to you, they won’t try to understand where you’re coming from.

(That’s not important to them.)

Instead, these men do it for a much more egocentric reason, for his own selfish sense of superiority.

Then it’s not about arguing because he cares about you, it’s because he likes to be “RIGHT”.

Question 3. What is his relationship with his father like?

The most commitment friendly men tend to have a good relationship with their fathers. Or at least talk about their fathers with fondness and respect. Interesting huh?

You may be wondering why, so let’s look a bit more closely at this…

For a son to have any sort of a decent relationship with his father, that usually means the father was present emotionally during the upbringing of the child.

It’s the father’s emotional commitment to the son that is forever remembered by the child. And look, most of us have subconsciously copied our parent’s patterns and ways of doing and thinking.

It gets passed onto us simply because of proximity regardless of whether we consciously want those patterns or not.

So for a boy growing up with a committed father, he learns the pattern of committing to this future children. That doesn’t mean he always will always be there for his own kids, it just means he has a higher likelihood of doing so because he is very familiar with that pattern of behavior.

...And a man who is more likely to commit to his future kids will be more likely to commit to the woman he is with and to the relationship.

So that leads me to point out that the men who are the LEAST commitment friendly tend to be those with NO relationship or very little relationship with their father Perhaps the father was absent or emotionally unavailable.

And even if he dislikes his father for not being there, it doesn’t stop the fact that the child may have picked up his father’s pattern of absence and emotional unavailability.

SO it’s a great idea to always ask your man about his relationship with his father, and see for yourself what patterns he had potentially inherited from his father. This isn’t an absolute make or break point however, as some boys find other male role models outside of his real father.

It’s more about seeing the patterns that he has adopted when it comes to fatherhood.

Question 4. When I first started dating him, he mentioned commitment & long term relationships…

A man who never considers commitment would usually avoid such topic of conversation.

Why? Because it may expose his real intentions. So it’s good for you as a woman to look for any avoidance in speaking about long term relationships and commitment in a man.

Now of course there are exceptions to the rule. There are some real smooth talkers out there who would lie through their teeth in order to get women into bed. That’s why it’s more important to look at his patterns of behavior and the way he speaks.

These will tell you so much more about the man than his words. Of course this means you’ll have to get good at reading men.

You’ll have to get good at looking for subtle in congruence in his communications. Look closely at his eyes, and don’t pay too much attention to just “words”. Eyes never lie, but words often do.

Your eyes will be the first to show signs of in congruence and doubt. Remember… actions speak louder than words any day of the week.

Question 5. How many long term committed relationships has he had?

If a man has had more than 3 long term relationships, then you know that his pattern for attracting long term relationships is strong and well practiced.

Now there’s a positive and a negative here. On the positive side, he is used to committing to a relationship and probably enjoys the process of commitment.

The negative side to that is… something obviously happened to those past relationships and if the same patterns occur again, it will lead to another breakup. That something is what you’ll need to find out.

Ask him, what happened to those relationships?

Did the passion die?

And your job is to look for the common pattern. If a man has never had a long term relationship, then you’d need to figure out why!

Has he never wanted a long term relationship?

By the time most of us are in our mid 20s, it is rather uncommon to never had a long term relationship, unless the circumstances did not allow it.

So you need to dig a bit deeper and figure out that reason.

Question 6. How often does he push for sex?

A man who is only after the sex, will push for sex. That’s kind of obvious but sometimes when we’re emotionally involved with someone, we can be blinded to what would normally be obvious.

If he pushes for sex all the time, then he is probably not taking your feelings into consideration. Otherwise he wouldn’t have to push for it, he would look for ways to open you up emotionally.

A commitment friendly man cares more about how to light you up, and how to prove to you that he is trustworthy.

Question 7. How keen is he to introduce you to his friends and family?

A man who believes that you will be a part of his future, will be proud to introduce you to his family and friends. He would want everyone to get along, because he believes you will be in amongst his inner circle of friends and family in the future.

Sometimes if a man has very dominant or judgmental parents, he may want to find a good time to introduce you to them.

That’s usually not him trying to avoid you meeting his parents, but rather he wants to give a good impression to everyone and have everyone get along.

If your man never had you in mind long term, then it would be a waste of time for him to have you spend time with his friends and family.

It would only create unnecessary trouble later on. This is a big indicator of how he subconsciously feel about you and a future together with him.

Therefore it’s important for you to know exactly where he stands regarding introducing you to his friends and family.

Question 8. How much effort has he shown you that he wants to learn about your friends and family?

Just like the last question… if your man is interested in hearing about your friends and family, then it shows that he wants to invest in you and your life. He wants to learn more about you.

Commitment friendly men look for ways to commit and go deeper emotionally.

Commitment-phobic men look for ways to avoid getting involved emotionally.

If he isn’t so interested in your family and friends, then you need to realize that he subconsciously doesn’t want to commit to you emotionally.

He doesn’t want to get involved with you from a committed relationship point of view.

A great idea to test this is to start a conversation about an old friend of yours and see if he becomes interested or not.

It should become very obvious where he stands when you test him. (And you should always test a man often when you’re in that dating stage)

Alright, I hope these explanations helped you to understand a few things about commitment friendly men and those who are not.

Re: Getting a long term commitment...

At the end of the day, there are men who are looking to be in a long term relationship and those who are not. These two groups of men show very different signs and you need to be aware of these signs.

However, if your man is showing some commitment friendly signs, there is NO guarantee that he will want to commit to you now and for the long term.

There’s a lot more to it than that! You see, the dating stage is a time where two people work hard to prove their value and worth to each other.

Value is everything.

Men have to perceive you to be a commitment worthy woman before even thinking about committing to you, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

He has to perceive certain values within you. (Just as you have to perceive certain values in a man before even considering him to be a suitable candidate.)

So here’s what I’ve done for you...

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That's all from us for now.

We hope this has helped you understand some finer distinctions regarding men and commitment. Ultimately, the more you lead with your own value, the more men will reciprocate and invest in you.

That's the real game. (And we'll discuss more another day.)

Sending you bucketfuls of love.

Renee Wade & D. Shen

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