So What is That One Emotional Trigger that Instantly Inspires Any Man to Commit?

If you were to ask me, what is that one emotional hot button, that one hardwired instinctive trigger that instantly makes men want to commit to a woman? The answer would be a concept I've coined High Value Vulnerability. Watch the video below to understand this concept...

Now, if you've been around my work and Renee's work for awhile, you may have heard us talk about this very topic, High Value Vulnerability. (In fact, we have a whole 4 week flagship program called Commitment Control 2 that covers it in absolute detail.)

For now, know that your vulnerability can become your inner strength, if you harness the power of it.

The way to make your vulnerability your strength is firstly to talk about it, acknowledged it and appreciate it. The more you acknowledge it, the stronger it grows.

In fact, we can all create some momentum right now in making your vulnerability your strength.

I want you to take a moment right now, to comment below and share with all of us here one thing that makes you feel vulnerable. Share with all of us one thing that makes you feel vulnerable.

It could be an experience, it could be a story, it could be a secret that nobody knows about. Whatever it is… write it down below.

There are 2 things that this will accomplish. Number 1, it will help you acknowledge your own vulnerability and make that ok for yourself. Number 2, it will help create a safe space in the comment section so that you can read other people's vulnerabilities and know that we are all humans. And as such by accepting other people's vulnerabilities, we subconsciously accept our own as well.

Alright so go ahead and do that. Leave a comment below and write down one thing that makes you feel vulnerable.

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Leave a comment & share with all of us the one thing that makes you feel vulnerable...

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