Watch this quick tutorial on how you can become "High Value High Status" on Facebook and have your friends perceive you as highly popular & highly desirable.




Hey, get a pen real quick. I just want to go through a quick tutorial with you on the 3 biggest mistakes women are making that’s making them look low value on Facebook, and HOW instead of doing that, you can have other people, men and women perceive you as a high value high status woman on Facebook.

So go grab a pen. And I’ll wait here.

Now I probably don’t have to tell you why this is important because Facebook has become the number 1 method for other people to suss out what kind of person you are, and for men to judge whether you’re a woman that they would like to know more of.

So it is critical that you as a woman know exactly what to do and what to upload onto Facebook so that others will perceive you as high value and high desirable.

If you don’t know who I am, my name is David, I’m the cofounder of shen wade media where we teach you how to show up as a high value high status woman, how to attract a high value man who doesn’t just love you but worships you and want to commit deeply to you.

Now imagine this, imagine yourself becoming a mini celebrity to your facebook friends and Facebook peers.


Imagine yourself becoming a mini celebrity to your Facebook friends and Facebook peers


Imagine having dozens and dozens of people liking and commenting on every single thing you put on Facebook. People wanting to interact with you and making you look highly desirable in front of everyone on Facebook.

Imagine having high value men sending you friend requests, private messages and writing on your Facebook wall to try to decipher the mystery that is you.

Now all of this is possible when you learn how to show up as a high value high status woman on Facebook.

As I was saying, Facebook has now become an extension of every single one of us. It has forever changed how people interact and how men and women interact.

Research has now shown that Facebook has become the FIRST point of reference when it comes to dating and meeting new people. Which means, sometimes before you even meet a man face to face, he may already have checked out your facebook profile.

One of the reasons why this is happening, is that facebook offers so much information about you that was never this readily available before in the history of this planet.

You see, Facebook has changed everything, especially if you’re dating or in the early stages of a relationship.


Facebook has changed everything, especially if you’re dating or in the early stages of a relationship.


What used to take men weeks and months to discover about you, now can sometimes be found within a few clicks on Facebook. And that can be very problematic at the start of a relationship because you always want to maintain the mystery.

Attraction doesn’t exist without the mystery and a relationship would never last without some level of mystery.

So you want to cultivate that mystery about yourself and so therefore other people will become fascinated about you and your life.

You see with the recent changes on Facebook, did you know that anyone and everyone can see photos of you and your Facebook activities without your permission and obviously without you realizing. Big companies even have software that gives them access to other wise private profiles.

That’s right, anyone, the people who are NOT your Facebook friends.

So we live in this world where no matter how private you think things are, nothing is really private anymore the moment we put them up on Social Media or Facebook.

And of course, we can’t simply just delete our facebook profiles, or we will lose all the connection that we’ve built and we lose this amazing medium to connect with our closest friends and family.

So the only option left is to learn how to show up on Facebook in a high value high status way.


The good news is, anyone can do this...


The good news is, anyone can do this, as long as you follow some of the principles that I am going to share with you.

You see, the other thing you have to keep in mind is that the times have changed. What used to be perceived as high value back in 2008 and 2009 are no longer seen the same way. Facebook has evolved.

It used to be cool to create big albums and upload a whole bunch of photos onto Facebook, it isn’t anymore.

It used to be cool to invite people to events and apps on Facebook, it isn’t so much anymore.

Think about it like fashion, what used to be cool years ago, is no long cool. So it’s important for us to not just keep up with the trend but be ahead of the trend.

So let’s take a moment to look at the 3 biggest mistakes women are making on Facebook that’s making them look low value.


Mistake Number 1


The first mistake is extremely common and that is offering too much information in hope that someone will give you attention.

Any time you do something out of seeking attention from people on Facebook, it becomes more and more low value even if you get quite a few likes for it.

See the problem with Facebook is that it’s easy to fall for the idea that the more likes you get, the higher value higher status you look. That is just not true. You can attract a whole bunch of low value people to like your stuff, but that doesn’t make you any more high status.

It is all about the types of people you attract to your Facebook. In fact, I tell people all the time, stop chasing likes. Stop chasing likes!

If something doesn’t get any likes, that’s ok. It’s way more important to express what you’re passionate about, than to always be seeking other people’s approval.

So I urge you right now to make a mental note to yourself, to stop chasing likes. And instead, the aim and the goal should really be to share things of value regardless of if anyone likes your photo or your post.


Mistake Number 2


Ok, the next mistake that a lot of women are making is that they’re posting too much irrelevant stuff.

Look, if it doesn’t connect with others, if it doesn’t resonant, then it’s probably creating a disconnect.

For the most part, you want people to “GET” your message. You can’t share value with others if they don’t get it first.

So you want to become more relevant to the conversations that’s already going on in other people’s universe.

You want to become relevant in their world.

So whenever you go to post something on Facebook, think about this for a moment… am I creating something that resonates with at least some people, or is this creating a disconnect?


Mistake Number 3


The third mistake that I want to talk about is when women post the same type of updates on Facebook all the time.

For example, always posting up pictures of what you had for lunch, or sharing the same type of image on Facebook or just ranting about the same problem over and over.

The problem with this, there is no variety and it always gets boring after a while.
The last thing you want others to associate you with, is boredom.

If you find yourself doing this, then it’s important to become a bit more multidimensional. Create different types of status updates on Facebook. Perhaps try to create posts with different emotional qualities.

The good news is that there’s literally hundreds of different types of posts you can put up on Facebook. You just have to think a little bit outside the box.

Now that you have an idea of what you need to do, here’s how you need to do it. And I would like to show you through a program that I’ve recently finished putting together called High Value High Status for Facebook.


Here's how you need to do this...


This is a premium training program to show you exactly what to do and what NOT to do on Facebook in order to be perceived as high value high status.

So let me tell you a little bit about this training…

You’ll learn what you need to delete right now from your Facebook profile page, in order to maintain your own personal mystery and as a result, men will find you more fascinating, more intriguing , and they would want to learn more about you.

As I mentioned before, you don’t want to give away too much information about yourself on Facebook that people find you boring and predictable.

You’ll learn about the 3 simple steps you need to take before uploading any photo to Facebook to ensure you look sophisticated and high value. As you probably know, images make up 90% of Facebook, and pictures speak a thousand words, right?

So we need to pay attention to the photos we upload onto Facebook, especially our profile image. What constitutes a high value profile image, what constitutes a low value profile image. How often should I change my profile image?… We’ll talk about all of that inside the program.

Also another image that is important is your cover photo. The cover photo is always set on public which means everybody sees this image. You’ll discover exactly what should be used as your cover photo, and it’s probably not what expect.

In fact, I’ll share with you over 300 professional cover photos that you can use right away on your own profile that will instantly boost people’s perception of you.

Now I mentioned before, uploading a whole bunch of photos is no longer the way to go on Facebook. Facebook albums are a thing of the past. Instead, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do when you upload photos on Facebook.

You’ll discover what I call the 30 minute rule to help you emotionally move away from chasing likes and instead, focus on what is actually going to have others perceive you as high value. It’s important for you to remember that the more you chase likes, the less likes you’ll get, not to mention looking low value.

Now I mentioned that it’s good to become multidimensional when it comes to your status updates on Facebook, so I’m going to share with you the 7 different types of status updates that people perceive as high value and high status. As a result, you’ll have more likes and more comments naturally, and more importantly, people will fall in love with what you share on Facebook.

So I will break down these 7 different types of status updates and walk you through every single one of these AND show you numerous examples of how you need to apply them.

You’ll learn my “throwing pebble” strategy that makes men want to come forward and interact with you even if you’ve never met or he’s a guy you’ve not spoken to for years.

As a result, you’ll have a flood of men liking and commenting on your updates, making you look highly desirable by the opposite sex. Because social proof is important when it comes to attraction.

Now there are a lot of other questions that we’ll answer… such as

Should I have my profile on public or private? Who should be able to see my photos and posts?

When should I add the guy I like on Facebook?

Should I like his stuff first, or should I wait for him to like my stuff first?

When should I show a man interest and more importantly, when should I walk the other way and show some disinterest.

We’ll talk about all of that inside the program.

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