What if you could effortlessly have exciting matches, spellbinding conversations and exhilarating real life dates with high value men through a BRAND NEW approach to online dating… (even if you’ve lost all faith and your self esteem has been torn apart by dating apps!)


STOP online dating right now and read this…


See, here’s the thing… for the most part, online dating for women is a massive disaster! 

I’m sure you know how it is… Pen pals, booty calls, and duds, LOT’S of DUDS! (It’s almost like looking through the trash bin to find the best piece of garbage.)

It really doesn’t matter if it’s Tinder, Bumble, CMB, Plenty of Fish, OKcupid, eHarmony or Match. These platforms are way too superficial and men are all the same…!

Truth is, if you wanted to torture your self esteem, just hop back on another dating app for 5 minutes… 

So you find the determination to delete those apps for a while, telling yourself that you’re going to try to meet men in person in real life… (But meeting high value men in real life is actually very difficult!)

Inevitably you hop back onto these dating apps again on a lonely night…All the whilst having that thought niggling in the back of your mind... "what's wrong with me"?

"Am I not pretty enough?

Am I not hot enough? 

Do I need to be skinnier? 

Should I wear sexier clothing?

Perhaps I'm being too superficial... surely there's more to me than just what meets the eye right?

Do I somehow intimidate men because I'm too smart? Am I too opinionated? Too confident?

How do I find the real meaning behind all this?"


The inherent problem with online dating as a woman.


Here’s what you have to understand…

Online dating is inherently superficiality on steroids. It breeds the culture of superficially. 

To compound the problem, consider the average man’s perspective…

Women typically get a 40+% match rate even if she was below average looking. Most men would be pushing their luck to get a 10% match rate if he was above average looking.

So this huge discrepancy intuitively makes most men realise that they have no choice but to play the numbers game. Otherwise they would never have any matches.

Therefore for most men, their default strategy is to play the numbers game and invest little in each conversation. (And it’s really not men’s fault, they are trying to adapt to this new online environment as well. They have to do the best for themselves first.)

So as a woman, everything that used to work doesn't work any more! What used to work in real life, doesn’t work at all in online dating. What used to work now gets women breadcrumbed, ghosted, gas lighted and lead down paths of ‘situationships’. 

Of course you pick yourself up, dust it all off and go and try again. (But each time with less hope and less enthusiasm.)

People LOVE to say: “when you stop looking, you’ll find it.” “There’s plenty more fish in the sea.” “‘Maybe you should try broaden your search (read lower your standards).

But that’s not YOU! I would never want you settle for less than you deserve or have to "change" yourself for someone else. I would never want you to compromise yourself for the sake of a lacklustre mediocre relationship. 

(…And the good news is, you won’t have to!)


Truth: High value men are also struggling online


Here's what I believe...

I believe most single men are just as confused and lonely and want to find a loving relationship but don't know how to go about it. 

I believe there is plenty of great men out there, secretly sad and wanting a deeper connection with the right woman. (I mean I speak to many of these great men every single day.) If you ask any woman who have found love online, they’d tell you the same. 

There are lots of high quality men are out there, but most of them are terrible at presenting their value upfront. (Again, men are bad at this relationship thing…!)

I believe most men live so much of their lives in masculine mode that they have no real idea of how to communicate and connect with women in general. So sometimes their lack of effort in online dating reflects more about their lack of skills and confidence rather than lack of desire to connect.

(And as a result, most of them are simply responding to the energy of the woman that's in front of them.)

I believe men are just as deathly afraid as women of feeling unworthy and inadequate, even if they never show it on the surface.

(Because it doesn't matter who the man is, there's always other men who are stronger, faster, richer, more capable and have way more status than him.)

I believe that ultimately ALL men want to feel that spark, they want to fall in love and feel that emotional attraction as well, but most of them don't have the skills, awareness and knowledge to make it happen. (So they end up resorting to whatever is easiest and most convenient.)


The only way to succeed in online dating as a woman


In this day and age where our attention span literally rivals that of gold fish, you as a woman need to connect with a man's soul quickly and decisively. 

You need to quickly bridge the gap of superficiality, and become the most interesting woman he’s ever spoken to from the very first moment. 

You need to cut through all the B.S. and connect with his heart of hearts, instead of playing this game of masks. 

You need to start connecting with the souls of men instead of playing the game of trying to be enough.

You need to stop the small talk knowing that small talk will kill any conversation within 30 seconds! But instead use everything you’ve learned about High Value Banter to keep the conversation momentum going. 

You need to understand that there are only 2 things that matter when you meet men, emotional attraction and emotional connection. Nothing else matters.  

Because the truth is, if there was enough emotional attraction and connection, any man would drop everything to be with you. That's not wishful thinking, that's just how it is. It's biology. It's chemistry. It's the role of oxytocin, vasopressin and dopamine. 

…And that can easily happen in online dating just like in real life.


There is a brand new approach to online dating…


*Drumroll* please…

I want to introduce a brand new approach to online dating for you as a woman, an approach that is perhaps a “180 degree” from what you have been doing.

This brand new approach is going to help you instantly create romantic tension and emotional attraction with men online and take you from being just another awkward stranger to the most interesting, mysterious and exciting woman any man has ever spoken to.

This brand new approach is going to effortlessly and quickly help you weed out the low value men, the jerks, the duds and the players, all the while magnetically draw you closer to high value commitment friendly men.

This brand new approach will help you effortlessly experience exciting matches, spellbinding conversations and exhilarating real life dates with high value men, even if you have lost all hope and faith in yourself and in online dating.

I am going to teach you this brand new approach in my new program titled, High Value Profile & Banter. 

…And allow me right now to formally invite you to join me on this journey inside of High Value Profile & Banter. (I have a sneaky feeling that this will absolutely change your life.)


Does it matter which dating app or platform I use?


Many women have asked the question, “Which dating apps should I be using”?

The answer is, it really doesn’t matter. (As long as it’s one of the more popular ones. Stay away from the less reputable ones as the whole app could be a funnel for scammers etc.)

So as long as you stay within the top 5 or 6 online dating platforms, that would be a good start.

(By the way, here are the top dating platforms in no particular order- Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, Match, OKcupid, Eharmony.)

Of course different platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. Ie. I prefer Bumble over Tinder for the sake of profile prompts, women having to initiate and other little details, however more people use Tinder altogether.

The deeper truth is, it’s really not about which platform you choose, it’s how you approach it. Most men who are serious about finding love are looking on multiple platforms anyway. (And so if you approach online dating in the right way, they will find you regardless of which platform to use.)

So it really doesn’t actually matter what platform you should be using. What actually matters is your ability to stand out, capture the attention of high value men and connect deeply with them, even if it’s through these superficial platforms.

That is exactly what I want to teach you inside of my High Value Profile & Banter course, and the knowledge, awareness and skills inside this course can be applied to ANY online dating platform.


What is a high value dating profile?


Having swiped through literally thousands of profiles myself, let me tell you… about 97% of all profiles start to look generic and boring!

Do you want to know how many times I had read the same lines such as…

“Oh I love my family love my friends. Love travelling, love the weekend, love food. Etc etc.” Does that sound familiar at all?

Now I’m not making it wrong for you to put that on your profile, but it’s completely boring because every other person does it as well.

Just take a moment to think about it from a man’s point of view…

Why should any man, especially high value men, choose to speak to you and not the thousands of other profiles directly in competition with yours? If your profile is generic and boring like 97% of other women’s profiles, then why would any high value man care? 

So in this brand new program, High Value Profile & Banter, I am going to show you how to craft a “unicorn” profile for yourself that is unique, high value and mesmerising to men. I want your profile to be the one that men look back on, again and again, wishing that they could find out more about you.

Your profile will revolve around solving these following 3 questions. 

1. How do you break a man’s swipe momentum and stand out in a high value way?

2. How do you create intrigue and mystery with your photos and bio?

3. How do you drop conversation bait to be used as fuel for exciting exchanges down the track?

I will show you multiple ways to solve all 3 of these questions inside of High Value Profile & Banter.


What exactly is High Value Banter?


High Value Banter is a method and style of communication that naturally creates and cultivates emotional attraction and romantic tension between you and a man, as well as helping you connect quickly and deeply without actually oversharing your personal information.

It’s a way of playfully flirting and teasing that is high value and doesn’t come across as overly expressing your interest. (Because it’s sometimes easy to accidentally express too much interest and thus instantly making you look desperate, needy and low value. That’s the last position you want to be in!)

Not to mention when you do this right, your conversations become exciting, perhaps even exhilarating as men are spellbound by your every word.

This is especially important in online dating because there is literally no room for boring small talk. The moment the conversation turns to small talk, it becomes stale.

…And stale conversations don’t last long when any man can keep swiping to get that new exciting dopamine hit. So conversation momentum is everything in online dating. To keep the conversation momentum going, it needs to be exciting.

Here is exactly what will happen when you start using High Value Banter…

Number 1, you’ll start to have a lot more exciting conversations, that’s for sure! You’ll start to notice that men will enjoy speaking to you, and want to continue the conversation momentum with you… (Because it’s actually fun to speak to you unlike the 95% of women out there.)

Number 2, you’ll find it so easy to weed out men who aren’t right for you because they cannot and will not respond appropriately to your banter. Those men are a No-No! If they don’t play along with you, it’s an absolute NO.

See, High Value Banter is also the BEST way to filter out men who aren’t worth your time. Most of the time, they just eliminate themselves.

And number 3, you will get asked out a lot more by men. That’s just how it is, and that’s just how men respond to this type of banter. It’s because of all the romantic tension built up between you and him that he is inspired to meet you and perhaps even claim you for himself.

According to one of the ladies who tried High Value Banter for the first time, she got asked out within 30 minutes of matching with a man. (That was definitely a first for her, she was thrilled!)


Does “High Value Banter” work on every man?


So… does High Value Banter work on every single man?

Absolutely not. (And thank God.)

Some men may have never had this type of playful interaction before and they won’t know what to do.  The men who have been abused all their lives may even find this intimidating. Some jaded men may think you’re playing “mind games”.

This High Value Banter that I teach, may even throw some men off their own “game”. And frankly some men are too far “gone”. (…They’re dead inside.)

Would you really want to have a relationship with someone who’s dead inside?

Here’s something important to understand.

Playfulness is the precursor for any level of emotional attraction. In other words, you need to have some levels of playfulness in order for any emotional attraction to be created and felt.

Very often, when you don’t feel a spark with someone, the biggest thing missing is that playfulness. (Sometimes it’s easy to get nervous, awkward and tense around someone new, especially for you as a woman as safety can be a huge factor there.)

What I truly love about High Value Banter is that if you do it right, it will naturally help you filter out the wrong types of men. That’s right… you actually weed out the wrong types of men by doing this. All you have to do is be attuned to how they respond to your High Value Banter.

I don’t care how tall, dark and Jason Momoa looking a man is, if he doesn’t respond well to your High Value Banter, then that’s a really bad sign.

It could mean that he’s really not attuned to what you’re saying. It could mean that he’s running his own “script” to try to “pick you up”. It could mean that he’s secretly a serial killer looking for easy prey. (Possible I guess.)

Any man who values the connection and attraction between you and him, will WANT to play along with the banter that you lead with. They may not have the right “comebacks”, or be as smart in their responses, but they would want to play along.

That’s what you’re looking for.

Because emotional attraction is the most important element in the whole universe. Well, at least in the universe of intimate relationships. Without that emotional chemistry, romantic relationships would never form, ever.

And so the very first step to that process of a romantic relationship is playfulness. Playfulness should be the very first filter that men have to pass through, not their looks, their occupation, status, etc.

(Ok, looks may score extra points if it was Jason Momoa…)

So thank GOD that not every man will respond positively to your High Value Banter.


What if I don’t like to use sarcasm?


What if I don’t feel comfortable using sarcasm?

So you’re a serious one, huh! 😀

OK, so here’s the deal. None of what I’m teaching designed to come across as sarcasm at all. This is entirely high value and playful banter.

So here’s the difference.

Sarcasm in itself carries the connotation and intent to mock or convey contempt.

Where as playful banter carries the intent to tease and be playful. They are very different in nature. (Of course it does take practice to thoroughly understand the finer distinctions between the two.)

The point here is, if you’re trying to tease. And as such, you have to be attuned to where the other person is emotionally. The less attuned you are, the less present you are, the worst it will come across.

The reason why playfulness is so important is because it’s a precursor to emotional attraction. (Of course true emotional attraction won’t ever develop if one or both individuals are not present or attuned to each other anyways.)

So if you don’t feel comfortable with this type of playful banter, then it’s imperative that you start practicing it, and over time you will rediscover that playful side of you. (Thank me later.)

Will you make some mistakes along the way, hell yeah. But will those mistakes help you become more attuned in the future? Absolutely.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that there’s literally no way around this process. So be bold, start practicing High Value Banter, and allow yourself to enjoy the process. (…And I can promise you, you will find your groove very soon.)


Here’s my crazy promise to you…


Look, here’s what I know for sure…

There are plenty of high value men out there who are single and wanting to find love. But the problem is that most of them are terrible at dating. Most of them are terrible at communicating to women in any way, shape or form.

As you probably know, relationship is a feminine domain. It’s very often women leading men into relationships, even though on the surface it looks like men sometimes make the first move.

What these single men really need, is a woman who can open them, help them and guide them into a loving relationship. Otherwise they will forever be single, because most men have little to no awareness of relationships, yet at the same time they crave love and connectedness just like you and I.

So my crazy promise to you is this… study everything inside of High Value Profile & Banter, craft a unique, mesmerizing and high value dating profile for yourself, practice High Value Banter until you get good at it…

…If you can do all that, then I promise you will find yourself a high value man wanting, needing and loving to be in a committed relationship with you within the next 12 months. 

(Truth is, if you take the teachings in this course seriously, you will probably be snatched off the dating market faster than a speeding bullet!)

Why? Because men can see, hear and feel when a high value woman is in front of them, and they wouldn’t want to let you go.


What’s the investment for this course?


Let me ask you this quickly…

Would you invest $5,000 USD for consulting with me for 2 hours? (Because that’s exactly how much our last private coaching client paid to have 2 hours of my time)

Of course, most people don’t have a spare $5,000 lying around. I totally understand.

Well how about this…

What is it really worth to you to have the ability to instantly create emotional attraction and connect with men through the platform of online dating? (…This skill and ability also extends itself to real life attraction and connection too!)

What is it worth to you to finally have a chance of finding real love and finding a man who loves you for YOU, even if you have lost all hope of it happening for you?

What is it worth to you to actually overcome the self doubt, the anxiety and negative self worth that is associated with your relationship status and never looking back?

What is it worth to you to eliminate that annoying pressure once and for all that your aunts, other relatives and perhaps your own mother put on your shoulders about finding a good man and settling down… and instead giving them some actual good news?!

Would it be worth to you perhaps $0.82 per day to have all of this in your life?

(That’s the equivalent of perhaps a couple of jelly beans, maybe a single crouton in a garden salad or maybe a small sip of coffee.)

Let me tell you the great news…

The actual investment is only $0.82 a day in order for you to enroll in High Value Profile & Banter when we spread the cost of this amazing program over the next year.

In other words, for the price of a couple of jelly beans or a crouton a day, you will be able to have access to High Value Profile & Banter for the rest of your life.

So ask yourself, is this an investment you can afford to miss out on?

And here’s the amazing thing that will happen to you… By practicing the methods I will teach in High Value Profile & Banter, I have no doubt that a year from now,  you will have a loving & committed relationship with a high value man.

Not to mention your self esteem will inevitably soar, you will exude confidence and radiance, and become a magnet to high value men.

So the full price of High Value Profile & Banter is 2 small monthly payments of $149. That is it. 

No more to pay, no hidden fees, that is IT.

So the choice is rather simple… keep your crouton every day or come and join me in the most exciting, most important and most useful skill you need as a woman.


Here’s what you’ll learn in High Value Profile & Banter.


There are 2 primary elements you will learn inside this course.

Number 1, you’ll learn how to craft a “unicorn” dating profile for yourself, that is unique, high value and absolutely mesmerising to men.

Number 2, you’ll learn the exact method of communication (high value banter) with men online so that you’re able to instantly create emotional attraction and connection from the very first word.

The ultimate result for you is to experience exciting matches, spellbinding conversations and exhilarating real life dates.

So let me give you a quick glimpse of the details of what you will learn…

  • You’ll learn the 3 primary profile images you must have and how to make them look good from a man’s point of view… (EVEN if you’re just an average looking woman and you feel like you could never stand out amongst profiles of other women.)
  • You’ll learn exactly what other images or photos to add to your profile and more importantly, which ones to never put in your profile that would make you look inherently low value to almost all men. (Make these mistakes and kiss your chances goodbye.)
  • I will personally give you 3 specific “already done for you” templates to help you craft your bio in a way that is high value, non-generic and magnetic to high quality masculine men. (A profile that makes men fascinated with the idea of connecting with you!)
  • You’ll learn about 5 small yet important details in your dating profile that will help you attract commitment friendly men and instantly repel the men who just want hook-ups. (These details are not what you think they are!)
  • You’ll discover the 3 best high value icebreakers that you can use in order to instantly create a deep connection with a man and plant the seed of an exciting conversation. (I recommend that you initiate the conversations online by using these high value icebreakers, because they will give the conversational power back to you.)
  • You will discover what 5 common red flags to watch out for that will most likely lead to a complete disaster. (Ignore these and there will be a price to pay.)
  • You’ll get access to 70+ proven scripts that you can use immediately to establish emotional attraction with men online. (As well as the mindset and thought process behind creating your own unique style of High Value Banter.)
  • I want to share with you the 3 amazing role-play routines that are guaranteed to overcome ANY awkwardness you experience in your online conversations… so that the conversation momentum never slows down. (You’ll have high value men hanging off your every word as they wonder to themselves, “Wow, she’s a keeper!“)
  • You’ll discover a very simple, fun and quick game you can play with any man that will instantly inspire him to want to take you out there and then. (Just in case he’s sitting on the fence and too shy to ask you out!)
  • You will learn exactly how to effortlessly test for the intent of every single man you come into conversation with by using the 7 different types of High Value Banter. (Not to mention you will know exactly what to say and how to say it at every moment in every context in order to cultivate more emotional attraction.)
  • I’ll teach you exactly step by step how to transform a texting relationship into a real life relationship through what I would call “micro” dates. (This ultimately means a smoother transition without the initial awkwardness all the while deepening the connection you have with your man.)

Of course this is just a glimpse of the program, there will be so much more to it than what I’ve mentioned.


How is this course structured?


High Value Profile & Banter will be divided into 2 modules.

The first module we will primarily focus on the High Value Profile portion of the program. So in this module, we will work together to help you craft your own dating profile “workshop-style”.  

At the end of this module, you will have a complete dating profile set up that is unique, high value and mesmerising to men. 

The second module we will focus on the banter side of the program. I will teach you all the different styles of banter that will help you create emotional attraction and deepen the connection with men online. 

So at the end of the second module, you will have a plan as well as all the skills necessary to connect deeply with any man, build trust and take it from a text buddy to a real life committed relationship. 

This whole program will be securely delivered to you inside of our members library portal in the form of video lessons as well as transcript and exercise PDF downloads.

Module 1 will be instantly available to you right after the ordering process.

Module 2 will become available to you inside of our library portal in 7 days from today. 

We’ve spaced it out this way so that you will have plenty of time to get through the first module without rushing into things. I want you to really take your time and set up the best dating profile for yourself without cutting corners. 

And I certainly don’t want you to skip any steps. Because believe it or not, how your profile is set up  completely alters the way men will communicate with you.

Oh by the way, just like with all of our other programs, once you become a member, you have lifetime access to those programs that you’ve purchased. So there’s literally no pressure for you to consume the content straight away, you can take your time.

Everything will always be there for you whenever you need it.


Is this really going to work?


I’m absolutely confident that this is going to work, regardless of how little faith you have in yourself OR in online dating right now.

(After all, I’ve been teaching this stuff professionally for a decade now! Warning: I’m about to blow my own horn, but I think my teachings on this specific topic is the best in the world, hands down.)

So regardless of how little faith you may have right now, trust in the process. I will never ever lead you astray!

Just take a look at some of the initial feedback we received after women went through my free High Value Banter class. (…And to think that this free class was only scratching the surface!)


Even my 71 year old member found instant success! (& You will too.)


Yes, you read that correctly.

When we first launched High Value Profile & Banter, a few of our members were in their 60s and even 70s. (Isn’t that amazing by the way?! It warms my heart to know that women in their 60s and 70s are using online dating!)

Anyhow, after feeling somewhat heartbroken, confused and disappointed in her experiences, this lovely 71 year old member (Let’s call her Jane for the purpose of this) decided to join us when we first launched High Value Profile & Banter.

And listen to this, these are her words as she was going through the program...

“I cannot thank you enough! I have had so much success just in the past few days, less than a week on our time! I have two dates this weekend and and three more from different men in the next two weeks. The ones who really catch the banter had gone crazy like tennis matches. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I can’t believe this!”

“...But I wound up having the time of my life and one really Alpha man kissed me hard on the cheek as I was leaving and there were three standing around talking with me at the same time. For a bit I felt like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. They seemed starved for this masculine/feminine energy exchange of years gone by where men could be men.”

“...I can’t thank you enough for all of your programs and your affirmation that what I am doing is on point. It has surely proven itself so.”

“...What has truly amazed me is that I was looking at the notes I took initially to answer some of their banter. i was mechanical, but then they started giving me food for fodder and my imagination went wild and so did theirs. ”

“... am having the time of my life! And thanks to you, I now know the difference between intimacy and sexy! It is unbelievable how young you and Renee are to have garnered such wisdom. Thanks to you I can apply my new freedom and zest for life to communicating authentically with men and understanding them.”

“...Thanks and God bless you! You’ve made my heart sing! and if anyone can get out of themselves, they can do what I’ve done as well!”

As you can imagine when I first read her email, I was in tears. It tugged at all of my heart strings. Seriously, how incredibly inspirational is this!

Thank you Jane for not just sharing your story but being courageous enough to keep learning and keep stepping outside your comfort zone, even in your 70s.

If you’re reading this, know that if a 71 year old can have so much fun and succeed with online dating, what’s your excuse?


What if you don’t like it?


Great question. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. (I’ve bought many courses online where the standard has NOT been up to the standard I expected!)

So here’s what I’m going to do for you.

I want you to go through the complete program, study it, critique it and use it.

If for any reason at all, (or no particular reason), you don't feel like this program is everything I have personally promised, just let me know.

We will insist that you keep every cent you invested, because we've never let anyone walk around claiming they’ve wasted their money with us. (…And we're not about to start.)

You simply have to send me or my team a message, either through our Facebook Fan pages, our help desk or any other social media platform. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get that message to us and we will take care of the rest. (You’ll find those links everywhere.)

You really have nothing to lose.

In fact, let’s make it even better. With your refund, I’ll even send you over a $25 Amazon Gift Card just as my way of saying… “Thanks for giving High Value Profile & Banter a try!”

How’s that for a “better than money back guarantee”!

This is why we always have a 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee with all of our products… because we know that you will most likely become a raving fan after 30 days, otherwise we don’t deserve to keep your money.

If you are reading this far, then you know deep in your gut that this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

Renee, myself and our team are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

So listen to your gut, we both know how amazing this offer is. Take the offer before it gets lost in the ebb and flow of life.


What if I have other questions?


If you have other questions, fantastic!

If you have questions about the program and whether it’s the right fit for you or not, please send a message through to our support desk.

You can reach our support desk by going to

ShenWadeMedia Helpdesk

Or just send a message through to my Facebook Fan page here.


If you have a question inside the program itself, then you can ask the question as a comment inside the video lessons and we will help you address it either directly or via one of the two live Q&A’s we will conduct as a part of the program.


YES! I’m ready to enrol in High Value Profile & Banter


I’m so glad to hear it!

This will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for yourself, because the best investments we can ever make for ourselves is the investments in our knowledge, awareness and skills.

I cannot wait to have you come on this journey with me inside of High Value Profile & Banter. I have absolutely no doubt you will love every part of it and it will literally change your life forever.

You can click the button below in order to proceed to the checkout page.

If you’re at all skeptical about this, I understand. You have every right to be.

I’ve seen the garbage that’s being sold out there on the Internet. – Most of it is pure rubbish.

This is different. This is the real deal, no B.S. advice.

...And of course, try it out right now risk free. You really have nothing to lose.

Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about this. If you have any questions at all, or any problems, you can contact me via my helpdesk. (Click here for the help desk)

I look forward to hearing all the great results you achieve and also look forward to helping you in your love life for years to come!

D. Shen & Renee Wade

Founders of Shen Wade Media

P.S. Remember the investment for High Value Profile & Banter is only $0.82 a day if you spread the cost over the period of a year.

My promise to you is that within the next year, you will have found a loving & committed relationship with a high value man as long as you practice the methods I will show you inside this course. Is that worth a decent $0.82 a day for you?

P.P.S. Remember, you will always be protected by our 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee which means if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you have your money back. Plus, I’ll personally send you a $25 Amazon gift card as my way of saying “Thanks for trying it out!”.


Other women love our work, you probably will too!


Note: Unlike so many other "coaches" out there, we don't fake our feedback and testimonials. Why? Because we don't have to!