If you're not getting sent flowers, having men clawing over each other to ask you out, then you're doing something wrong.

NEW CLASSES: Discover the most powerful secrets to online dating as a woman so that you can weed out the weak and create real palpable emotional attraction with high value men.

Position yourself powerfully by using these banter replies to the most common questions men ask.

Important Details...

Presenter: D. Shen 
Course Format: 2 Live Classes
Access: Life Time
Date/Time: Dec 28th and 29th 2023, 5pm PST, 8pm EAST 

Brand New Class Number 1

The promise of this course is to equip you with the mindset and the tools so that you can position yourself powerfully when you're replying to the most common questions men ask in dating.

As a result, you will be able to allocate your time and resources appropriately by weeding out the weak quickly and cultivate real emotional attraction with the high value men you meet online.

There will be a QnA after this class.

This brand new class will be held 28th of December 2023 at 5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern time.

If you can't make it there live for the class, no problems. You'll be able to access the replay in our secure members area for life.

Brand New Class Number 2

The promise of this course is to give you a zero risk and playful method of getting your man to actively ask you out, even when he has been a pen pal for weeks. 

There will be a QnA after this class.

This brand new class will be held 29th of December 2023 at 5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern time.

If you can't make it there live for the class, no problems. You'll be able to access the replay in our secure members area for life.

Lifetime access for only 1 payment of $99.

What if I don't like it?

Great question. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. (I’ve bought many courses online where the standard has NOT been up to the standard I expected!)

So here’s what I’m going to do for you.

I want you to go through the complete program, study it, critique it and use it.

If for any reason at all, (or no particular reason), you don't feel like this program is everything I have personally promised, just let me know.

We will insist that you keep every cent you invested, because we've never let anyone walk around claiming they’ve wasted their money with us. (…And we're not about to start.)

You simply have to send me or my team a message, either through our Facebook Fan pages, our help desk or any other social media platform. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get that message to us and we will take care of the rest. (You’ll find those links everywhere.)

You really have nothing to lose.

This is why we always have a 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee with all of our products… because we know that you will most likely become a raving fan after 30 days, otherwise we don’t deserve to keep your money.

If you are reading this far, then you know deep in your gut that this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

Renee, myself and our team are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

So listen to your gut, we both know how amazing this offer is. Take the offer before it gets lost in the ebb and flow of life.

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What does your gut say?

Look, if your gut tells you that this program is something you’d like to study and learn from, then trust your gut instinct.

Look, just like all our programs, if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you take your money back.

It’s literally like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite dish and have the option of not paying if it doesn’t taste amazing and make you want more. That’s the only way we do business, and it’s not about to change.

Still not sure?

If you’re at all skeptical about this, we understand. You have every right to be.

We’ve seen the garbage that’s being sold out there on the Internet. – Most of it is pure rubbish (to put it lightly.)

We've been in this game for a long time and will be in this game for a lot longer in case you haven't noticed because we are the real deal.

And of course, go and try it out for yourself risk free. You really have nothing to lose.

Right after your order, you will receive an email with all the login details you need to get started.

If you are reading this far, then you know this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

We are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

Send us an email through our help desk… (Don’t be shy, we all love to hear from you.)

You have our personal invite to join us in this powerful program but regardless, we truly wish you all the best in love and in life.

P.S. Remember if averaged this over the period of a year, the cost of admission is less than $0.27 a day. In return you will gain the awareness, knowledge and skills in order to connect deeply with men as well as become the woman they love to adore.

P.P.S. Remember, you will always be protected by our 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee. which means if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you have your money back. That’s how we have always done business and it’s not about to change.

Our Wall Of Success

Our members love us and we love our members. Here's a collection of video feedback from our customers... (and YES! We would LOVE to feature you here too and be an inspiration to other women.)

"I really trust you guys and the things you're teach about relationships. They are the only things that really make sense." Jackie J

"I love how you guys truly believe what it is you teach. I am very grateful for everything I've learned so far. I look forward to more in the future!" - Laura 

"I appreciate you and David being so selfless, generous and giving in everything that you do! Thank you." - Rachel B.

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program. It's really wonderful wonderful work!" - Tina

"I found Renee and David's work a few years back and followed their work because it made so much sense to me. Highly recommend it." - Alena S. 

"Renee! When I got onto your work, the whole world came into focus.Thank you for lifting the lid on a whole set of elusive knowledge for me." - Ivy O.

"I believe watching and reading any of Renee & David's blogs and programs will do nothing but add VALUE to your personal self and your relationships." - Andrea R.

"I cannot wait to take more courses with Renee & David because I cannot explain in words HOW MUCH I've learned, not just about love but about myself." - Akanksha A.

"I've spent loads of time looking into the work of different coaches and Renee's work is the ONLY work that really speaks to me." - Shabana W.

"I found your programs to be very helpful not just with my relationships with other people but also my relationship with myself!" - Jennifer W.

"I have followed you guys and have been a fan for almost a decade now and I find value in everything that you share!" - Blessing 

"I really love David & Renee. I love all their advice. I've learned so much about dating and about men, it's been a fabulous experience." - Sherri.

"...That was amazing, very awesome and very moving for me. It was a very healing experience." - Sharen

"I feel bless that I found Renee & David's work that has shaped and influenced my life throughout the years. Thank you so much!" - Anise

"Thank you Renee and David for making such deep and unique programs that help us to be more of a high value woman." - Melissa A

"I loved every single lesson. Already from the next day I started to notice changes. I started to understand men's desires and fears!" - Nadia 

"I just wanted to say I will be purchasing all of your next courses! Keep up the good work you guys are fantastic!!" - Lucia

"I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from this course and I hope you all learn as much as I did!" - Gina L.

"Thank you for all the information you guys are sharing and helping so many women out there like myself." - Virginia B.

"I've recommended this to so many people already. I recommend it to you because I believe it will work for you too." - Kara 

"Do yourself a favor, sign up. You won't be disappointed because I have no doubt you will get so much out of Renee & David's work." - Kathryn P.

"This has been so helpful in connecting me and reconnecting me to my true self, my higher self. So thank you, I am so grateful." - Stacey R.

"The way Renee & David teaches, it's groundbreaking to be honest." - Anna C.

"My biggest insight was that you can really trust your own feelings. Overall I loved this program and will buy more of them!" - Paula.

"I definitely have been benefiting from this, in terms of self love, compassion & connection within myself as well as towards others." - Winnie L

I am extremely impressed with your programs and I love the way you guys teach!" - Gail.

"I have seen many programs and many coaches out there because I've searched a lot. This is by far the BEST!" - Elena

"Thank you so much for your work and all you give. It helped me so much, your blogs and programs. I'm really happy that coaches like you exist!" - Alison


Where would we be without amazing members like these?

5 out of 5 stars

Anna W.

"I love these videos inside of Understanding Men.

I always knew that there were huge differences between me and my man, but I didn't know all the intricate details of the masculine vs feminine. I really love how the videos are put together, they all make a lot of sense.

I've gone through the program once already, I think I might go through it again, because I may have missed some details here and there.

Thanks again for making this program!

Big fan of it."

Katherine S.

"Hi Renee & David

Just want to let you know that initially, I was quite skeptical about this program. I’ve bought other programs in the past and a lot of them have not reached my expectations.

I’m glad to say that your program is different. It taught me so many things I never knew about men! I have so much clarity and awareness after going through this program, it’s unbelievable!

Thanks to you, I am so much more confidence now in the presence of men and tonight I’m going on my third date with someone! I have a feeling it’s going to turn out good!

Wish me luck!"


"I've been telling all of my friends about your articles and programs... It has completely transformed my broken relationship with my soul mate and we are better than ever now. Therefore, you’re kind of saving my life. Thank you so much. You’re amazing."


Hi Renee & David

It's been over a year now since Sean and I have met, things are going well. Your programme helped me to understand the balance between male and female and how to use it to become a better person for me and my family.

Thanks for helping me see the man of my dreams who i would have probably rejected in the past. It was not easy in the beginning but now we can't help but feel united with each other and have love, support and admiration towards one another, something that is totally new to us.

I also feel like there are kids coming in the way, none of this was planned or even in my head, I guess Sean's not feeling the pressure, which gave him space to be himself and not feel threatened.

Take care and i look forward to hearing from you and your work.

Lots of love

Rachel W.

Dear Renee... Im sure this work keeps you really busy on line...but i must share my positive feedback with you, as i am a busy woman like anyone else I am doing the program slowly...

I'm only up to module 3 or 4 and you have sent all of them......but wow....renee....I couldn't believe it... today when i received a thank you card from my man telling me I am his soulmate body/mind/and spirit..

This is a gobsmacking success!

I am on a healing journey eating raw foods and drinking green juices, I am not living with my partner at this time, and we have had many troubles due to his alcoholism.

He has been attending AA 4 times a week and has been alcohol and drug free for 2 months and things are improving greatly. My journey is inspiring his journey and vice versa.

I have been VERY CONSCIOUSLY working with the tools so far given and yes they work...I am so grateful that my awareness is expanding. I am a more gentle person for it and getting ALOT more of what i want and desire. I feel much more attractive and conscious. looking forward to using all the tools yet to come in your fantastic programme.

Happy new year and love and light and friendship extended back to you.

Love Rachel

Jamie J.

Hello David And Renée!

Thank you so much for putting together these videos.. I have only done 2 days but I am learning so much!!!

I have a deep belief that by the time I finish the 7 days course, I will heal from hurtful past relationships with man and woman and will finally be able to have positive, constructive, and healthy relationship with others including with myself because I will understand better man and women.

You bring a new way of understanding man and therefore myself (women) that speaks so much to me !!

I have already been committed to improve myself and my boyfriend has already made some comments about me having good answers today! (he of course is not aware of me taken the course).

I still have a tendency to go back to my old habits, but I am working really hard to implement my new way of thinking as it brings me lots of peacefulness inside due to the fact that I now understand more man.

You both are literally changing my life for the better... Thank you soo much!!

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