CASE STUDY: How our member Alison went from attracting perpetual abusive relationships...

...To finally learning the skill of weeding out the wrong types of men, and passing the hardest test of them all… an accidental pregnancy after a month of dating! (...All by learning one simple skill.)

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Imagine accidentally getting pregnant to a man you just met a month ago. Think about the stress and the uncertainty of this.

What would you do? And what are the chances of a man finding out and sticking around?

That is why this story is so special, because our member Alison was able to establish enough attraction and connection that not only is this man still around, he’s a doting father to their 6 month daughter.

But it hasn't always been this way for Alison...

For her entire adulthood, she has attracted low value and toxic men. It was only when she started using one specific strategy we teach, (which we shall reveal in the case study) that she was able to learn the proper method to intelligently weed out those narcissistic, egotistical men of little true value.

I think you are absolutely going to enjoy what Alison has to share, get yourself a nice warm drink and let's begin.