Case Study - Yana

From icebreaker to engagement in just 8 months… Discover the exact steps Yana took and the specific banter lines she used in order to attract the man of her life online and inspired him to propose after a short 8 months. 

(And then married within another 2 months…)

Discover the one opening phrase she used in order to stand out from the rest and stopped her now-fiancé in his track in amazement. (To quote him... "no one is this fun on dating apps...")
Discover Yana’s number 1 advice to making banter work even when it doesn’t come intuitive to you. (This strategy alone will speed up your progress 300%.)
Discover Yana's process in weeding out the men women should never spend time on. (...even when they look great on paper.)

This important case study is free for you to access. In return, I urge you to pay close attention to her story. Yana's progress is not typical because unlike most, she stepped outside of her comfort zone and implemented what she had learned even when it was difficult. As such she has become infinitely deserving of her own progress.

In this special case study, we will hear the story of one of our lovely members Yana.

She’s been following our work for many years now and like many, she studied our work silently and never made much of a sound. 

It was only in the last 12 months that she decided to herself that she would implement some of the things that she had learned. 

And once she started implementing, my gosh, I mean you’ll hear all about it. It took her three months to meet her fiancé through dating apps, and 8 months later, they were engaged. 2 months after that, they’re married. 

I think you are absolutely going to enjoy Yana's story. There's plenty to learn so get yourself a nice warm drink and let's begin.

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