Becoming His One & Only

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What's included in the platinum version?

The platinum version of Becoming His One & Only includes...

1) An exclusive "tailored-for-you" transformational workshop that perfectly accompanies the DVD to fast track your results & progress. (You will never look at men, love and relationships the same way after these powerful exercises inside this workshop.)

2) Instant access to the DVD via High Definition online streaming inside of our secure library portal. (This means you can start in the next 5 minutes and not have to wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail!)

3) We've also put together 3 very special bonus videos that will help you further with the commitment process. The topics of these bonus videos are...

Bonus 1 - 4 Commitment Tests Every Woman Need to Use

Bonus 2 - From casual sex to deep emotional commitment

Bonus 3 - The one trait of men to be weary of...

4) In case you love to read, we've put together an Extended PDF version of Becoming His One & Only with some bonus content that didn't make it to the DVD.

5) There's one more secret bonus that we won't announce here yet. You will discover what this is in due time.

What format is the platinum version content?

All of the content inside of the platinum version will be hosted within our secure library portal. The content will be mostly presented in video format, with multiple downloadable options. All of this content will be immediately available to you when you order the platinum version.

What if I don't like the platinum version?

No problems! If for any reason or no particular reason you don't like our platinum version, just let us know through our help desk. We will promptly issue you a full refund and we can stay as friends. Not every program is for every person, and that's why we always offer a 30 day raving fan guarantee with ALL of our products.

However, the shipping cost for the DVD itself cannot be refunded.

Will I still receive the DVD with the platinum version?

Of course! I would never want you to miss out on holding this DVD in your own hands. I want you to keep this DVD at home in a special place knowing how transformational it has been in your life; and have the ability to watch it any time you wish.