...Finally, a way to get his attention in a high value non-needy way!

Discover how you too can use these “Attraction Pebbles” to effortlessly trigger emotional attraction in men, capture their full attention and make them chase you!

“Attraction Pebbles” are small but incredibly powerful verbal and non-verbal cues and gestures that you can use with men regardless of how little confidence you have right now.


Hey it’s D. Shen here.

I’m so glad you’ve showed an interest in my Attraction Pebbles program. This is by far some of the most powerful material I’ve ever taught.

The reason why I would ever say that, is because right now, you are holding the key to triggering a man’s deep emotional attraction for you.

This is NOT some self affirmation, nor is it some positive thoughts of manifestation…

This is the real deal.

These “Attraction Pebbles” are words and verbal gestures you can ACTUALLY use, in order to present high value and create polarity with a man.

In other words, this is the holy grail that so many women look for.

So I want you to read this page carefully, and I want you to put my “Attraction Pebbles” to use in your own life.


If you don’t know how to trigger a deep sense of emotional attraction in men, then you are TOAST!


Answer me this… have you ever been with a man who was really interested in you initially… but his interest quickly faded and his attention disappeared?

If your answer is YES… listen up!

You see, there’s surface and physical attraction, and then there’s deep emotional attraction.

When a man is only attracted to you on the surface, he may initially pursue you, he may initially show much interest… BUT… it never lasts.

In face, you’d be lucky for it to last more than 3 months, usually this surface attraction dies very quickly after he’s had sex with you.

Because the truth is, if a man isn’t emotionally attracted to you, he would only be pursuing you for sex. And once the sex is over, his interest rapidly wanes. (But don’t take this to blame men, they’re hardwired this way)

If a man wasn’t emotionally connected to you and deeply attracted to you, then he would only do as much as it takes to have sex with you and then… he would have NO REASON to stick around. I know this sounds really bad, but that’s just how men are wired.

You see, men see women in 2 categories… you’re either his one and only, or just one of many.

In order to become his one and only, (a woman he wants to look after and keep), then you need to trigger him to feel emotional attraction for you.

This is something that most women never have the privilege of understanding… Most women think that if they are beautiful enough, then he will stick around… NOT TRUE.

A man only ever sticks around if he is emotionally attracted and invested in a woman.

But here’s the good news. Any woman can learn the skills to make a man feel deep emotional attraction.


Triggering a man’s deep emotional attraction & connection is a SKILL you can learn.


Emotions are irrational.

They don’t make any sense. They are either there, or not there. You can’t argue with emotions.

FACT: men don’t fall in love with the most beautiful women… they fall in love with the woman they find most high value and mysterious.

A good looking woman may be easy on the eyes, but they don’t trigger anything more than just physical attraction in men. That’s why you see soooo many good looking celebrities being left by their men.

Yet at the same time…

Average looking women around the world are in happy and fulfilling relationships with very good looking and successful men. Why? Because these women “get it”.

They “get” that to attract a high quality man, they need to show up as a high value woman themselves and draw the man in…

Again, physical beauty never makes a man fall in love. Lust yes, not deeply in love.

It’s all about being high value and mysterious.


The dangers of “just physical attraction"…


What I love about these “Attraction Pebbles” is the fact that they automatically position you as high value if you use them.

Unfortunately, so many women try to get the attention of men in LOW value ways…

For example…

  • Asking for the man’s number
  • Giving away too many details about herself
  • Try to come across as sexy just to get some male attention
  • Upload too many selfies on social media
  • Chasing a man in any way or form.
  • Looking to seek male approval


If you want a man to value you and your attention, you simply CANNOT afford to present yourself as low value.

Nothing kills attraction as fast as low value.

And nothing triggers emotional attraction as FAST as high value, because we all subconsciously value that.

This is why I’ve put together these 12 episodes of Attraction Pebbles.

I want you to have the “super power” of presenting yourself as high value, capturing a man’s attention instantly and triggering a deep emotional sense of attraction even if you feel low value and have no confidence in yourself right now.

I invite you to learn, absorb and use these Attraction Pebbles and see where it takes you…


Why there are 12 episodes of Attraction Pebbles...


I originally created 12 episodes of Attraction Pebbles designed to be released once a month for a whole year.

This way, my students would have the time to absorb the content and start practicing what they’ve learnt before moving onto a new episode.

However, you may not want to wait 12 months to receive all these episodes. You may be ready for all of them and may want to have them all right now.

So let me take a moment to give you a run down of these 12 episodes…

Here are the 12 episodes...


A small glimpse of what you'll discover...

  • Discover the most powerful technique in creating instant attraction and sexual tension in men even if you’ve never flirted with a man in your life. This is so powerful but so easy to implement that a “social recluse” could effortlessly have her way with men.

  • Discover the 5 unique indicators of high value you MUST include in every story you tell your man for him to perceive you as the pinnacle of a modern attractive woman. These 5 indicators will be revealed in episode 11 of Attraction Pebbles.

  • Learn how to throw “Negative Compliments” at a man to create an insatiable desire in him for you, even if he’s never looked at you in that way before. This will be taught in episode 3.

  • Learn how to use the magical “5 questions game” in episode 4 to instantly appear smart and create a mental challenge for any man. Why is this important? Because if you don’t make him work for your attention, he won’t value you at all.

  • Discover the power of using bets and dares to stimulate the masculine energy within men and watch how they start to fight to please you. This will be covered in episode 5.

  • Ever been told to play “hard to get”? Let me show you exactly how, by using the “cat string theory” and the ability and confidence to say this one simple word… do you know what this word is? You’ll find out in episode 6.

  • If you’ve ever felt needy in a relationship, then you must tune into episode 7, where you’ll discover the most potent antidote to your needy behaviour, so powerful that it will make him seek your approval instead.

  • Have you ever wondered if HE is the ONE? In episode 12 you will learn the 4 questions you need to ask a man to secretly discover his deepest core values and whether you have a future with this man or not.

  • Learn to create the sacred bubble of “Us versus Them” in your relationship to ethically keep other women away from your man and have him enjoy the process. This technique is taught in episode 9.

  • And much more…


Let me hold you by the hand, and show you how...


I know it’s not always easy learning a new skill or a new idea…

Sometimes certain teachers and coaches can be SO vague that you think they’re talking a different language to you. Perhaps some of them seem like they’re from a different planet and the mothership has landed…

That’s why I don’t want to just preach theory to you.

I want to personally show you and demonstrate the practical uses of these Attraction Pebbles. I will GIVE you the actual “pebbles”, the things to say and do, in order to capture a man’s attention in a high value way, and trigger his emotional desire for you.

This whole program is just me and yo, no fluff, no filler.

I will metaphorically hold your hand and walk you through every single step. (Even a retarded monkey could understand it and make use of it)


What is the investment?


Think about the value for a moment…

What is the value to you of being able to instantly capture any man’s attention in a high value non-needy way?

What is the value to you of being able to trigger emotional attraction in the man of your life?

What is the value to you of your man perceiving you as a high value high status woman?

What is the value of having these skill in your life?

If your answer is anything other than… “PRICELESS”, then frankly I think you’re in the wrong place. (No offence.)

These attraction pebbles will do everything I have just described and more.

The whole series of Attraction Pebbles is priced at $197.

But think of it this way. If we were to spread out the cost of this program over a period of a whole year, then it is only $0.54 27 a day.

Would you spend a mere 54 27cents a day to get the skills and ability to capture any man's attention in a high value non-needy way?

Would you spend a mere 54 27 cents a day to get the skills and ability to trigger emotional attraction in the man of your choice?

I can't answer that for you, only you can.

If you value the 54 27 cents per day over having these incredible and powerful skills in your life, then this is probably not the right place for you.



Here's what I want you to do...


Look, if your gut tells you that these “Attraction Pebbles” are something you’d like to know and use in your personal life, then trust your gut instinct.

You know already that both Renee and I produce world class programs that change lives.

You know already that in order to have a man deeply committed to you and in love with you, then you need to have him emotionally attracted to you.

And you know that these Attraction Pebbles are the exact tools and strategies to make a man deeply and emotionally attracted to you.

So the only way forward from here is for you to study these different types of Attraction Pebbles and borrow them for your own use.

Life doesn’t get any better by waiting on the sidelines. (I used to think this a long time ago, and I was wrong) It gets better when you take that small yet significant step outside your comfort zone.

So I want to invite you to come and join me whilst I’ll hold your hand and walk you through all my “Attraction Pebbles”.

Look, just like all our programs, if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you take your money back.

Its literally like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite dish and have the option of not paying if it doesn’t taste amazing. That’s the only way we do business, and that’s why we have raving fans.

You and I both know how amazing this offer is.

You and I both know how much these Attraction Pebbles will transform your life.

Now is the time for you to take the next step and start the process of becoming the high value version of YOU!

But regardless, I truly wish you all the happiness in the world.

D. Shen

Co-Founder of Shen Wade Media

P.S. Remember this is your opportunity to get the tools and skills to get any man's attention in a high value non-needy way, trigger curiosity and emotional attraction - all for only 27 cents per day.

P.P.S. My bet is that you have never witnessed anything remotely as powerful and effective as these "Attraction Pebbles", but don't take my word for it, try them out and see for yourself. If for any reason they don't work for you, I'll send you every cent back - as we always do.



6 more reasons why you'll love my Attraction Pebbles...


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