fade-leftfade-rightHow it Started...

It wasn’t the most glorious start, nor did she know where this was going. Just a few days shy of new years day 2010, Renee gave birth to now famous blog “The Feminine Woman”. Something was magical about that moment, it was the conception of something the world has never seen.

With just an outdated laptop and the desire to change the world, she started writing, and started this journey of sharing some of the knowledge and wisdom that was passed onto her. After all, what she had learned leading up to this moment had transformed her own life and her relationship.

Somewhere inside of her, Renee knew that she could impact the world and add so much more value to people through teaching love and attraction, than her existing law career… (even though she had jobs lined up)

It was not easy letting that go, for something that had no secure future, but she knew from the bottom of her heart that it was the right thing to do.

As the blog grew week by week, it became obvious that people wanted more. As a result, David jumped on board and helped to create an organisational structure around the blog and helped to launch our very first product.

Fast forward a few more years, now we have multiple different products that are the best in their category, and our raving fan base grows everyday.

We do, however still have the same mission, which is to move humanity forward by creating more love in this world and educating people in the areas of love, dating and relationships.

fade-leftfade-rightWhat We Believe

We believe that every single one of us, you and I deserve love. We deserve to experience the feelings of warmth, connectedness and passion.

We deserve to be loved exactly how we are right now, without having to become someone else in the process, and regardless of how we look, how many friends we have, or how successful we think we are.

But unfortunately in this day and age, there aren’t many places where you can learn the skills of attracting the right partner for us and sustain a healthy relationship.

We don’t get taught these skills in our school system or any other academic environment.

But I believe our intimate relationship is one of the most important areas for us to focus on because it impacts us the most. Think about it, nothing else can make us feel as euphoric or as depressing as our intimate relationship.

And with that kind of power over our lives, I believe we all need to put more of our focus in this one area.

So we made it our mission here at Shen Wade Media to educate and empower men and women when it comes to dating, attraction, love and long term relationships. We believe by offering a world class education, we can really change lives, create more love in this world and move humanity forward.

We believe in delivering the most cutting edge advice and coaching in dating, relationships and spirituality. You see, there’s a science and an art to love and attraction, and we strive to always bring to you the latest and best transformational strategies.

It’s all about helping you become the next version the more educated and evolved version of you.

It's all about helping you experience the love and passion that you deserve to feel.

fade-leftfade-rightMeet the Team

The entire Shen Wade Media team upholds the company commandments that were crafted with talent, skills and most of all an overwhelming desire to help- help each other out, help the company in whatever ways they can and help the clients in whatever ways they need.

Each of the team members are here not only because they are world-class talents but most especially because they have a big heart and they love what they do.
So expect the team to be there when needed. They are happy to help.

Renee Wade

Co-Founder of Shen Wade Media, Author at The Feminine Woman

When Renee first founded The Feminine Woman back in 2009, she had only one mission - to help women have a deeper understanding of men, dating & relationships. She realised that by understanding and appreciating certain aspects of men and their masculine energy, it made communicating to men, creating attraction and deep connection with men exponentially easier & smoother.

The biggest inspirations behind her desire to teach the feminine masculine difference was through her own struggles in her personal relationship and the relationship of her closest friends.

After completing law school, Renee made the leap of faith to pursue her passion in teaching relationship and spiritual skills and mindsets and she has not looked back. Her blog The Feminine Woman has attracted over a million visitors and continue to inspire women from around the world.

Renee has authored a large portion of the programs here at Shen Wade Media and will continue to create the latest and most cutting edge content. She's the mother of her beautiful son Tyson and loves to visit the gym in her spare time.

D. Shen

Co-Founder of Shen Wade Media, Founder of Commitment Triggers

Being the cofounder and CEO of Shen Wade Media, David's role encompasses organisational management, authoring various programs and overseeing the development of his team.

His vision is to build Shen Wade Media into the world's leading portal for advice & coaching in the areas of dating, love and long term relationships. He believes that this is the one area that 99% of the world lack a proper education in and through the use of technology, the company is able to influence millions of individuals on a global scale.

When he isn't researching and discovering the depth and extent of the human potential, he is practicing martial arts, out on the golf course, or out in nature with his adventurous mastiff named Zorro.

Jenny Blancaflor-Sagabay

Head of Customer Happiness

Jenny joined the team here at Shen Wade Media in the middle of 2013 and has taken the role of the head of customer happiness as well as other various other social media roles.

She was chosen from a group of over 150+ candidates because of her generous & caring nature and her attention to details. If you ever have a question or a concern of any kind, Jenny is your go-to person.

Jenny is also responsible for creating some of the most vibrant quote images seen on social media for the feminine woman.

In her spare time, Jenny loves to spend time with her beautiful daughter Aianah, enjoys yoga classes and volunteers her time speaking and helping others in disadvantaged situations.

Kareen A.

Operations Manager

Kareen is the overseer of the entire business operation. She makes sure everything runs smoothly as it should be- websites are working fine, all customers are satisfied and the teams are happy and well loved. She’s first to know when something needs to be fixed in whatever aspect of the business.

Kareen has 8 years of online work under her belt and she’s been managing teams ever since. Shen Wade Media is her lucky home now and she has our entire team as her family to watch over and care for.

When she’s not in the matrix, she is a wife and a mother of two boys. She loves to bake and enjoys variety of foods. In her spare time she also plays with her dog named Kombucha Skype.Lastly,she gives some of her time to introduce her community about working online.

Renz Alcantara

Conversion Manager

If you have been receiving our emails or newsletters, it’s Renz who's at the backend making sure you get the world class newsletters as promised.

Renz  is a work at home mom for 8 years and running. She has helped many small online businesses grow and succeed but she has finally found her one true love at Shen Wade Media where she can contribute and be part of a company that truly cares.

Michelle Moreno

Affiliate & Social Media Manager

Michelle keeps our company’s social media sites awesome, engaging and fun. She feeds our followers sensible information about love, relationship, dating and life in general. Michelle spread’s our company’s main goal which is to give love, respect and happiness to everyone who believes in us.

Michelle worked for an international bank as a financial advisor before finding her way in our team.

She’s a wife of a brave soldier and a mother of cute Miggy boy.

Joseph Rey Collamat

Website Development Manager

Reynman heads the technical department of our company. He is maintaining, expanding, and scaling our sites and server in a daily basis, he writes efficient code and create website layouts to improve our user interface through HTML, CSS and PHP.

Reynman’s 8 years experience as Website developer has ensure our company maintain smooth running websites and have kick-ass pages and library portal.

He is also a food lover. He likes the idea of giving all the things in the world to his only daughter named Rain.