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A new method of getting his attention in a high value non-needy way!

Discover how you too can use the dark feminine art of “Attraction Pebbles” to effortlessly capture & keep high quality men’s attention, cultivate deep emotional attraction & make them chase you!

(...even if you have no skill or confidence in interacting with men right now!)

Important Details...

Presenter: D. Shen
Course Length: 3 Hours 
Course Format: 12 Video Lessons
Access: Life Time

Re: Getting a man's attention in high value non-needy ways...

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability to get any man’s attention and keeping it for good in a high value way, all the while cultivating that sense of emotional attraction and connection?

Hey it’s D. Shen here, the founder of Shen Wade Media, where we teach you how to show up as a high value, high status woman who can easily inspire a deep sense of emotional commitment from men.

(This is by far some of the most powerful material I’ve ever taught, so listen up!)

The reason why I say that is because right now is your opportunity to learn a powerful skill that most women would never come across. With the understanding of this incredible skill, you will hold the key to triggering a man’s deep emotional attraction for you and becoming the woman that men love to adore, worship and keep.

No, this is NOT self affirmation, this is NOT some positive thoughts of manifestation NOR a bunch of wacky dating rules that other "coaches" spew... (Which by the way, totally make you feel inauthentic and fake.)

What I’m about to teach you are the skills and the mindset of interacting with men that allows natural attraction and connection to cultivate and take place.

This is essentially a skill, something you can use right away with mind-blowing results.

If you want to present yourself as a high value woman, if you want to create polarity with a man, and have him pursue you, then these “Attraction Pebbles” are exactly what you are looking for.

So I want you to read this page carefully, and I invite you to put these “Attraction Pebbles” to the test in your own life. (I can’t wait to hear your amazing stories.)

He will always lose interest in you unless this happens...

Answer me this… have a you ever been with a man who was really interested in you initially… but his interest quickly faded and his attention disappeared?

If your answer is YES… listen up!

You see, there’s surface and physical attraction, and then there’s deep emotional attraction.

When a man is only attracted to you on the surface, he may initially pursue you, he may initially show much interest… BUT… it never lasts.

In face, you’d be lucky for it to last more than 3 months, usually this surface attraction dies very quickly after he’s had sex with you.

Because the truth is, if a man isn’t emotionally attracted to you, he would only be pursuing you for sex. And once the sex is over, his interest rapidly wanes. (But don’t take this to blame men, they’re hardwired this way)

If a man wasn’t emotionally connected to you and deeply attracted to you, then he would only do as much as it takes to have sex with you and then… he would have NO REASON to stick around. I know this sounds really bad, but that’s just how men are wired.

You see, men see women in 2 categories… you’re either his one and only, or just one of many.

In order to become his one and only, (a woman he wants to look after and keep), then you need to trigger him to feel emotional attraction for you.

This is something that most women never have the privilege of understanding… Most women think that if they are beautiful enough, then he will stick around… NOT TRUE.

A man only ever sticks around if he is emotionally attracted and invested in a woman. (You might want to read that again to let it sink in!)

But here’s the good news. Any woman can learn the skills to make a man feel deep emotional attraction.

All physical attraction and no emotional attraction?

Here’s the truth...

Physical attraction is cheap.

I am sure some part of you can agree with me.

In fact, most of the time, I would never even call it attraction… it's merely a man looking to take what he can from you disguised as "attention".

It's way too cheap to even call it attraction, at least in my books…

Just because a man is giving you attention doesn't mean he's even remotely attracted to you… right?

And by the way… where does physical attraction lead to? ... Him disappearing off the radar once he gets what he wanted from you!

Real attraction is emotional attraction.

That is the real deal.

Emotional attraction is what makes men stay around and take care of you when you are sick.

Emotional attraction is what makes men go beyond themselves to look out for you.

Emotional attraction is what makes men let go of their own fears to feel your heart.

Emotional attraction means to have him emotionally invested in you, have attraction for you, not what you "can do" for him.

It means for him to care about who you are deep in your soul.

Emotional attraction is an ACTIVE PROCESS, meaning you can’t stay passive.

Emotional attraction is a thousand times harder to achieve than mere physical attraction. Why?

Because emotional attraction is an active process.

That means you have to get involved, it means you are a part of the process.

Emotional attraction only occurs when you go back and forth exchanging and bouncing your energy off of a man's energy.

It's an exchange of the masculine and feminine energy.

It's a dance between the yin and the yang.

It's a symphony of opposing energetic notes coming together creating a beautiful song that is polarity.

Most importantly, emotional attraction comes down to HOW you interact with men.

It has nothing to do with your looks, your smarts or your collection of friends.

It has everything to do with HOW you interact with men.

That is why I put together this Attraction Pebbles program. It's a way for you to interact with men that allows emotional attraction to build over time.

This is why I believe that if you ever want to have incredible chemistry with a man, to have him fall deeply in love with you, and want to deeply commit to you, then you need to understand how to trigger and cultivate emotional attraction.

The dangers of trying to get his attention in low value, needy or desperate ways...

Unfortunately, so many women try to get the attention of men in LOW value ways…

(And YES! You are shooting yourself in the foot if you get his momentary attention but pay the price of showing up as a low value woman…)

Your reputation is not worth some cheap attention.

I’ll give you some common examples of women trying to get attention but in low value ways…

  • Asking for the man’s number before the right context shows up
  • Giving away too many details about herself
  • Asking too many questions without him reciprocating.
  • Try to come across as sexy just to get some male attention
  • Upload too many public selfies on social media (guys DO notice)
  • Chasing a man in any way or form without reciprocation
  • Looking to seek male approval
  • Making small talk or making conversation for the sake of it
  • Repeated initiating contact without reciprocation
  • Getting upset when it's not reciprocated & play the power struggle game

If you want a man to value you and your attention, you simply CANNOT afford to present yourself as low value.

Nothing kills attraction as fast as being perceived as low value.

...And nothing triggers emotional attraction as FAST as high value, because we all subconsciously value that.

I want you to have the “superpower” of presenting yourself as high value, capturing a man’s attention instantly and triggering a deep emotional sense of attraction even if you feel low value and have no confidence in yourself right now.

What if it’s possible to get and keep ANY man’s attention in a high value non-needy way?

No, really… what IF that was possible?

And possible regardless of your age, status, background or dress size? 

What if you will never have to trade your personal reputation for attention because you know exactly how to capture and keep any man’s attention in a high value non needy way?

...And imagine with each and every interaction with men, they go away from that wanting to connect with you more, and at a deeper level.

They go away more curious about you and more intrigued by who you are… so much so that you will never have to approach them, but they will go out of their way to find you.

They will go out of their way to speak to you, as if you were a celebrity in their mind.

That is the power of what these attraction pebbles can do for you.

Triggering a man’s deep emotional attraction & connection is a SKILL you too can learn...

Emotions are irrational.

They don’t make any rational sense sometimes. They are not intuitive sometimes. And one thing is for sure, you simply can’t argue with emotions.

To trigger this deep emotional attraction and connection, it requires a different set of social skills.

It requires you to tap into a different part of you in order to communicate differently to men. (The darker side...)

FACT: men don’t fall in love with the most beautiful women… (They fall in love with the woman they have an emotional connection with and emotional attraction for.)

A good looking woman may be easy on the eyes, but they don’t trigger anything more than just physical attraction in men.

Plenty of good looking people get dumped all the time.

Yet at the same time…

Average looking women around the world find themselves in happy and fulfilling relationships with very good looking and successful men. Why? Because these women “get it”.

They “get” that there’s a lot more to attraction than what’s on the surface.

That’s what I want to teach you inside of my Attraction Pebbles program...

I want to teach you the mindset as well as actual skill of capturing and keeping a man’s attention, cultivating emotional attraction and making him want more of you.

This program contains not just the powerful theories behind why these Attraction Pebbles work, but also the actual examples that you can use right away with amazing results.

And yes, I will walk you through every single step, even a retarded monkey could understand it and make use of it!

Let me give you a glimpse into what you'll be

Discover the single most powerful technique in creating instant emotional attraction and romantic tension in men even if you’ve never flirted with a man in your life. (This is so powerful but so easy to implement that a “social recluse” could effortlessly have her way with men.)
Discover the 5 unique indicators of high value you MUST include in every story you tell your man for him to perceive you as the pinnacle of a modern attractive woman. (These 5 indicators will be revealed in episode 11 of Attraction Pebbles.)
Learn how to throw playful “Negative Compliments” at a man to create an insatiable desire in him for you, even if he’s never looked at you in that way before. (This will be taught in episode 3.) 
Learn how to use the magical “5 questions game” in episode 4 to instantly appear smart and create a mental challenge for any man. (...Why is this important? Because if you don’t make him work for your attention, he won’t value you at all.)
Discover the power of using "bets and dares" to stimulate the masculine energy within men and watch how they start to fight to please you. (You will learn exactly how to apply this in episode 5.)
Ever been told to play “hard to get”? Let me show you exactly how, by using the “cat string theory” and the ability and confidence to say this one simple word… (Do you know what this word is? You’ll find out in episode 6.)
If you’ve ever felt needy in a relationship, then you must tune into episode 7, where you’ll discover the most potent antidote to your needy behaviour... (So powerful that it will make him seek your approval instead.)
Have you ever wondered if HE is the ONE? In episode 12 you will learn the 4 questions you need to ask a man to secretly discover his deepest core values. (...and whether you even have a future with this man or not.)
Learn to create the sacred bubble of “Us versus Them” in your relationship to ethically keep other women away from your man and have him actually enjoy the process. (You will learn this special technique in episode 9 of Attraction Pebbles.)
...And so much more!

How is this course structured?

There are 12 separate episodes of Attraction Pebbles inside the program and each episode teaches one specific idea with the accompanying examples and exercises.

You can go through these episodes at your own pace, however I do recommend you taking some time after each episode to practice the exercises I give you.

For some individuals, it may take some time for the information to sink in, for others, it may come more naturally.

But at the end of the day, this is a skill I want you to master! I want you to get good at this!

And there is no way to get around the fact that you'll have to practice the skill of throwing Attraction Pebbles.

I want you to have the confidence in any interaction with men without feeling inadequate.

I want you to have the ability to cultivate emotional attraction at your will.

I want you to be able to bring out the playfulness in men so that they will fall in love with you and want to always be in your company. 

To do this, you'll have to go and practice these Attraction Pebbles. Knowledge is great but implementation is key.

Lifetime access for one payments of $199 ($99)

Coupon "USE-THESE-PEBBLES" already applied

Life Time Access for only $0.54/day 

Think about the value for a moment…

What is the value to you of being able to instantly capture any man’s attention in a high value non-needy way?

What is the value to you of being able to trigger emotional attraction in the man of your life?

What is the value to you of your man perceiving you as a high value high status woman?

What is the value of having these skills in your life?

If your answer is anything other than… “PRICELESS”, then frankly I think you’re in the wrong place. (No offense.)

These attraction pebbles will do everything I have just described and more.

The whole series of Attraction Pebbles is priced at 2 small payments of $99.

But think of it this way. If we were to spread out the cost of this program over a period of a whole year, then it is only $0.54 cents a day.

Would you spend a mere $0.54 cents a day to get the skills and ability to capture any man's attention in a high value non-needy way?

Would you spend a mere $0.54 cents a day to get the skills and ability to trigger emotional attraction in the man of your choice?

I can't answer that for you, only you can.

Contrast this to the fact that the last coaching clients we had paid $5,000 USD for 2 hours of our time. (Hopefully I don't have to spell out how good of a deal this is...)

Oh… did I forget to mention that everything we have ever published (this program included of course!) have come with a 30 day raving fan guarantee… which means if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you have your money back.

That’s how we have always done business and it’s not about to change.

What does your gut say?

Look, if your gut tells you that these “Attraction Pebbles” are something you’d like to know and use in your personal life, then trust your gut instinct.

You know already that both Renee and I produce world class programs that change lives.

You know already that in order to have a man deeply committed to you and in love with you, then you need to have him emotionally attracted to you.

And you know that these Attraction Pebbles are the exact tools and strategies to make a man deeply and emotionally attracted to you.

So the only way forward from here is for you to study these Attraction Pebbles and make them work for you in your life.

Life doesn’t get any better by waiting on the sidelines. It gets better when you take that small yet significant step outside your comfort zone.

So I want to invite you to come and join me whilst I’ll hold your hand and walk you through all my “Attraction Pebbles”.

Look, just like all our programs, if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you take your money back.

It’s literally like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite dish and have the option of not paying if it doesn’t taste amazing and make you want more. That’s the only way we do business, and it’s not about to change.

So, join me inside Attraction Pebbles. I am excited for you, and I hope you are excited too!

Lifetime access for one payments of $199 ($99)

Coupon "USE-THESE-PEBBLES" already applied

What if I don't like it?

Great question. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. (I’ve bought many courses online where the standard has NOT been up to the standard I expected!)

So here’s what I’m going to do for you.

I want you to go through the complete program, study it, critique it and use it.

If for any reason at all, (or no particular reason), you don't feel like this program is everything I have personally promised, just let me know.

We will insist that you keep every cent you invested, because we've never let anyone walk around claiming they’ve wasted their money with us. (…And we're not about to start.)

You simply have to send me or my team a message, either through our Facebook Fan pages, our help desk or any other social media platform. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get that message to us and we will take care of the rest. (You’ll find those links everywhere.)

You really have nothing to lose.

In fact, let’s make it even better. With your refund, I’ll even send you over a $25 Amazon Gift Card just as my way of saying… “Thanks for giving Attraction Pebbles a try!”

How’s that for a “better than money back guarantee”!

This is why we always have a 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee with all of our products… because we know that you will most likely become a raving fan after 30 days, otherwise we don’t deserve to keep your money.

If you are reading this far, then you know deep in your gut that this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

Renee, myself and our team are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

So listen to your gut, we both know how amazing this offer is. Take the offer before it gets lost in the ebb and flow of life.

choose your image

Still not sure?

If you’re at all skeptical about this, we understand. You have every right to be.

We’ve seen the garbage that’s being sold out there on the Internet. – Most of it is pure rubbish (to put it lightly.)

We've been in this game for a long time and will be in this game for a lot longer in case you haven't noticed because we are the real deal.

And of course, go and try it out for yourself risk free. You really have nothing to lose.

Right after your order, you will receive an email with all the login details you need to get started.

By the way, I want you to take an active role in learning, so as you go through this program, engage with me, participate and let the knowledge become a part of your life.

Because the process of learning and using these attraction pebbles is a skill to learn and master… it’s not just something you do once and forget.

And here's the best thing...

With the practice of these Attraction Pebbles, you’ll find yourself more confident and more relaxed in every interaction you have with men, women, children and everyone else.

Men will find you mysterious yet interesting, playful but high value at the same time.

If you are reading this far, then I know this is something that would benefit you tremendously.

We are always here to support your journey, and at any point, you don’t feel right or you are stuck with something, let us know. We have seen so many hundreds and thousands of women go through similar journeys and we are here to help you every step along the way.

Send us an email through our help desk… (Don’t be shy, we all love to hear from you.)

You have our personal invite to join us in this powerful program but regardless, we truly wish you all the best in love and in life.

P.S. Remember if averaged this over the period of a year, the cost of admission is less than $0.54 a day. In return you will gain the tools and skills to get any man's attention in a high value non-needy way, trigger curiosity and emotional attraction

P.P.S. Remember, you will always be protected by our 30 day “Raving Fan” guarantee. which means if you don’t become a raving fan of it, if you don’t absolutely love it, then we insist you have your money back. That’s how we have always done business and it’s not about to change.

Lifetime access for one payments of $199 ($99)

Coupon "USE-THESE-PEBBLES" already applied

These women trusted the process...

(...and enjoying their successes!)

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"I loved every single lesson. Already from the next day I started to notice changes. I started to understand men's desires and fears!" - Nadia 

"I just wanted to say I will be purchasing all of your next courses! Keep up the good work you guys are fantastic!!" - Lucia

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"Thank you for all the information you guys are sharing and helping so many women out there like myself." - Virginia B.

"I've recommended this to so many people already. I recommend it to you because I believe it will work for you too." - Kara 

"Do yourself a favor, sign up. You won't be disappointed because I have no doubt you will get so much out of Renee & David's work." - Kathryn P.

"This has been so helpful in connecting me and reconnecting me to my true self, my higher self. So thank you, I am so grateful." - Stacey R.

"The way Renee & David teaches, it's groundbreaking to be honest." - Anna C.

"My biggest insight was that you can really trust your own feelings. Overall I loved this program and will buy more of them!" - Paula.

"I definitely have been benefiting from this, in terms of self love, compassion & connection within myself as well as towards others." - Winnie L

I am extremely impressed with your programs and I love the way you guys teach!" - Gail.

"I have seen many programs and many coaches out there because I've searched a lot. This is by far the BEST!" - Elena

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