Exposed: The Exact Emotional Reason for Men to Want to Commit...

“It is Time for You to Experience the Freedom and Joy of going from “Not Knowing where Your Relationship is Going”, to a Deeply Committed Life Long Relationship without Any Resistance, Withdrawal or Heartache…”

Learn Step by Step What to Do and What to Say to Inspire HIM to Naturally Commit more of his Attention, Time, Energy and Resources on you for Life…(and Effortlessly Inspire Exclusivity and Marriage)


Dear Lovely Friend and Special Soul…

It’s D. Shen & Renee here the founders of Shen Wade Media.

If you do not have commitment from your man, then you are bound to have an unsecure, unfulfilling, and unhappy relationship.

If you do not inspire your man to commit to you at the deepest level, then you are playing with a time bomb that is ticking down, eventually annihilating your relationship, your self esteem and your life altogether.

This lack of commitment in your relationship will also affect the rest of your life. It kills your confidence in your day to day life, your self esteem goes out the window, and you will attract other negative & insecure people into your life. People will see you as less, and other women will look down upon your relationship and give judgments to your character.

It's unfortunate, but that's the world we live in... and we've all been there haven't we?


The Feelings of Being Empty Inside, Lonely and Very Unfulfilled.


Look, I can honestly say that I've been there plenty!  And there are thousands and thousands of women who are habitually feeling empty inside, lonely and very unfulfilled in their relationship. Can you relate?

Maybe you just don’t know why he hasn’t called you back… maybe he's lost the interest he had for you at the beginning...

Maybe you don’t know how much longer this “girlfriend” status and label will stick to you for.

Maybe you are just sick and tired of waiting… waiting for something to happen… but it never does. The relationship seems to be stuck… at a point where you don’t feel secure, and you don’t know what to do…

Here’s the thing, I’m sick of seeing women losing out in their relationship and feeling empty, lonely and unfulfilled… Never able to settle down and have the lifelong commitment that I know we all want!

And sometimes the worse thing is that you try different things, but nothing seems to work.

In fact, they seemed to push him further and further away, and make the relationship even less stable.

Sometimes it feels like a slight wrong move or a step in the wrong direction will make everything blow up like a grenade. It's as if you're trying to hold together a house made of cards...

Look, that is just not the way to live. It's hurting you and it's ripping you apart on the inside. I think you would agree with me when I think that most of us women have felt that at some stage in our lives... being in a relationship where you don’t know what the future holds, and it is horrible.

But also, I know what it feels like to have absolute certainty and security in an intimate relationship, so much so that there’s a sense of warmth that engulfs you and takes you over. And there’s really nothing quite like it.

Just imagine for a second, the joy, the freedom and the security in your life and in your relationship, knowing that it’s heading exactly where you want it to go. That’s what I want you to feel. That’s what I want you to manifest in your own life.


He Wrote a Love Letter to Her on the 21st of Every Month for the Last 25 Years...


What if I told you, having that secure and committed relationship has nothing to do with how beautiful you look, or how attractive you are? Look at one of the highest rated Hollywood actresses Kate Beckinsale… She’s rated as one of the most attractive women in all of showbiz. But your attractiveness has little to do with a man’s commitment to you. Kate was in an 8 year relationship with another actor named Michael Sheen that ended in 2003… but why did they break up? Because he would not take the next step and marry. It dragged on and on, and in the end she felt so humiliated that she couldn't take it anymore. Kate realised that waiting for a man to commit is not going to work. Men aren't the same as women. Men don’t have the same relationship timeline as women do. Not to mention she even had a child with this man in the 8 years they were together. Now let me tell you about a love story you may not have heard about. Now if you know anything about basketball, you may have heard of Mr John Wooden. He is THE most successful basketball coach in the history of the sport. He had won 10 NCAA championships, an achievement that nobody has ever come close to. He was a man's man. Mr Wooden passed away back in 2010, but what he had left behind was not just his unbelievable legacy in basketball, but a love story that is not to be forgotten.

If you want to read further about John Wooden and his commitment and loyalty to his late wife Nelly, simply google John Wooden love letters.

Nelly, his wife of 53 years passed away back in 1985. He made a promise to her then that he had kept until his own dying day 25 years later.

On the 21st of every month, he sits down and writes a love letter to his beloved Nelly. No one gets to read his letters, not even his own family. He would tell her how much he loves her and misses her and that he can’t wait to see her.

He would fold the letter once, and put it in a light blue envelope. He would go to the stack of love letters on Nelly’s side of bed. He would untie the little yellow ribbon and place the new letter on top. Then he would tie the little yellow ribbon one more time.

By the time Mr Wooden had passed away, there were almost 300 letters in this stack.

When asked about death, Mr Wooden would softly say, “I’m not afraid to die, it’s the only way I get to see her again”.

Isn’t that incredible?

What makes this man, Mr. Wooden so loyal and committed to his wife, to one woman? And an even better question would be… what kind of woman would inspire a man to be so loyal and committed?

You will stumble across the answer as you read word by word the rest of this page.


How Do You Go From Relationship Mayhem to Marriage Proposal…?


I don’t know where you are in your relationship right now. Maybe you’ve just gone on your third date, or maybe fifth date. Maybe you guys have been hanging out for a while now, but nothing serious has happened.

Maybe you guys have been “seriously” dating for 6 months, and you would like things to be taken to the next level.

Or perhaps you guys have been “together” for many years, but he still hasn’t popped the question… what’s going on there? Where is this relationship going?

You see, relationships can be tricky and confusing.

Why do some women easily get commitment from their men, yet for other women…(ie. You perhaps?) you can’t get anyone to call you back or take things to the next level?

The answer is all about understanding the commitment process, from a man’s perspective.

Have you ever heard of the kinds of story where the man never really committed to any women in his past, yet one day, he finds that one special girl who he instantly puts all his eggs in her basket?

This kind of story happens all the time, in the magazines, in Hollywood movies and probably in your own circle of friends somewhere.

So the point here is, that no matter how complicated the relationship is right now, or how stagnant things are going, once you become the “right” women in the relationship to inspire commitment, then it will naturally come to you.

It’s basically the law of attraction.

You see, a man’s desire to commit, is directly proportionate to how much value you or the relationship adds to his life.

And a man’s commitment resistance will increase if he perceives less value in the relationship and less value in the woman he’s with.

You see, most men will have commitment resistance somewhere along the commitment path. That’s quite normal and in fact to be expected!

So it’s really your job as a woman, to overcome these barriers and help a man to lower his own commitment resistance. But to do that, you’ll need to understand a few things about men.

You see, I really believe there’s really nothing more beautiful than a heartfelt marriage proposal. If you haven’t ever Youtubed “wedding proposals”, then I think you’ll really enjoy the hundreds of amazing proposals that men have meticulously planned, organised and carried out.


Just Watch Out for These Warning Signs that Your Man Won’t Commit in the Future…


It is important for you to know what signs to look out for when your man isn’t planning to commit. Not only will this save you a bunch of your time and youth, but also save you the heartache, the heartbreak, the frustration and resentment that you will feel later on.

In fact, I believe you should ALWAYS be in tune with how much your man is committing to you and the relationship. Why’s that? Because commitment really isn’t a one time event, but something that is a promise forever.

So if he isn’t keeping that promise, then you want to know about it!

Here are some warning signs that your man won’t commit to you, or isn’t committing to you right now.

  • He’s lost interest in spending quality time with you… but instead, he’d rather do his own thing over spending time with you.
  • He never talks about being exclusive with you or has never planned to live under the same roof as you.
  • He has never been interested in looking at engagement rings, or has never really thought about married life.
  • He doesn’t like to have as much sex with you as he used to.
  • He doesn’t desire you as much as he used to.
  • He frequently forgets things that you tell him or things that you ask him to do.
  • He has become less and less generous when it comes to his time, his attention and his money.
  • He is interested in other women.
  • He is going out late more often, and making excuses for them.
  • He is becoming more elusive and it’s hard to know his whereabouts.
  • The relationship feels like it’s not as close as it once was.
  • He hasn’t got any plans for the future… either in his career or his relationship.

So if your man has exhibited any of these signs, (and the more signs, the worse things are…) then I suggest you pay your full attention to the rest of this article and learn what you can do about this.

First of all, let me tell you something important…


How are Everyday Women Ruining Their Own Chances of Marriage and Security?


That’s right, women like yourself are ruining their own chances of marriage… and they aren’t even aware of it.

Have you ever sat by your phone or called him repeatedly… when you were not sure what he was up to?

Have you given up parts of your own life, just so that you could spend time with him?

You see, mistakes like these are commonly made by women (even though these women have great intentions…), and they are destroying any chance of having their man commit to them at the level they want.

Let me explain…

Commitment to a woman is not the same thing as commitment to a man.

Commitment to a man can sometimes feel more like a ball and chain, or a burden on his life. It’s just another responsibility, and another obligation that he has to fulfill in his day to day life.

In fact, there are only a few reasons why a man would naturally want to commit to a woman. (And believe it or not, sex is NOT one of those reasons. Sex can be oftentimes cheap and readily available)

Men commit to women, not because of logical reasons. They rarely ever logically make that decision and weigh up the pros and cons of commitment. This is because commitment is an emotional decision for the man, not a logical decision.

He has to feel strongly and positively about commitment emotionally, which will then inspire him to take action to take the relationship to the next level. He has to feel safe with you, and trust you with his emotions.

You see, a relationship is a feminine domain, and therefore men sometimes feel uneasy about their own emotions. They need us to make them feel safe in that space.

But before I go on about what would make a man commit himself, and his life to you, let’s talk about why he ISN’T doing so right now.


3 Reasons Why Your Man Isn’t Committing Right Now


If your man isn’t fully committed to you right now, it’s because he has certain resistance to committing to you. This resistance may or may not be logical, but it’s there. So if you don’t overcome this resistance to commitment, you will never have the emotionally rich, fulfilling relationship that you really want and deserve.

Here’s the top 3 reasons why your man is not committing right now.

Reason 1 - Fear of loss of freedom.

For most men, the day they commit fully to a woman (whether that is marriage, exclusivity or something else), is perceived to be the day they lose their freedom.

They may not tell you openly about it, but men agree upon it amongst themselves.

Let me explain. Freedom is at the heart of being a masculine man.

Many men feel that if they are constrained, then they are not really a man; more so a pussy. Having a sense of unrestricted freedom therefore becomes  a badge of manhood, a symbol of his true spirits.

This doesn’t mean it makes logical sense, it’s just the truth. Men have fought for freedom for as long as we have inhabited the Earth.

And because in our society, the boundaries between men and women have blurred over the years… the majority of women simply don’t understand men. This means there’s a much lower chance of most men going into a commitment with a woman without feeling like he’s going to lose a lot more than he will gain.

So if committing to a man feels like he is going to lose that feeling of being a man, then there’s no way he’s going to commit to you.

By the way, it’s not just a matter of “letting him go out” or “letting him do whatever he wants” – this is small thinking.

Most women simply don’t understand what freedom actually looks like to a man. There is a lot more depth to feeling free and feeling like a man (the core of who he is) than just being able to “go out” and “do whatever he wants”.


Reason 2 - Low-value women

Men simply don’t commit to what they perceive as low value women. Think about it, why would a man invest his time, money, energy and most of all, emotions in a woman who is low value?

He wouldn’t. Men are hardwired to seek out high value women who have something valuable to bring to the table.

But get his…

What is valuable to women in a relationship is completely different to what is valuable to a man.

I’ll say it again.

What is valuable to women in a relationship is completely different to what is valuable to a man.

So what you really need to do is become a high value woman by understanding the core of how men work, and how they have evolved over thousands of years to become who they are today.

So what you really need to be is a woman who is SO valuable to him, that he wouldn’t feel any loss or opportunity cost by choosing to be with you.

For every commitment a man makes, (and same for you too…) there is an opportunity cost.

See, to men, most women just aren’t worth the time, energy, resources, attention and commitment of marriage or exclusivity. They are NOT his “one and only” type of woman.

But here’s what’s really interesting… Most men simply have no idea what they really want until it shows up in front of them. Not only do men not communicate as much as us women, they are not as in touch with their emotions either!

And even though every man will have his preferences – there are still all-round, general traits in a woman that make her universally valuable and commitment worthy to men! And it has nothing to do with how you look.

It has everything to do with HOW you show up.

Let me repeat... It has everything to do with HOW you show up.

So you really have to be the kind of woman who knows and understands men. When you understand what men truly want in a relationship, then you have a whole lot more power not only over other women, but in your own life and relationships!

Also another important note: men are actually looking for that special, wonderful woman as much as you are looking for that ideal man. If you think men just want to have sex and sleep around and not commit because they are “commitment-phobes”, you’re misunderstanding men, and completely missing the point.

See, once men they find their one and only – that special, wonderful woman, they are not likely to let her go. Because a woman like this is so incredibly rare. Once he realizes that you are not like other women, he’ll stick to you like glue.


Reason 3 - He fears that he won’t be able to make you happy

If you are like most women, you would have absolutely no idea the desire (and sometimes, pressure) that men feel on a daily (even hourly) basis to be a good provider.

Not your fault, it's just hard to get inside of someone else's body, especially when they have a y chromosome!

Yes, I know, women have a lot of pressures, too. Sometimes even more than men, however, what I am talking about is not the pressures themselves – but the perception of pressure, and the underlying expectation men feel there is upon them to provide.

If he is not a good provider, he’s pretty much useless as a man. Most men take a full commitment very seriously. If he feels like he won’t be able to make you happy, then it will make his job living life much harder.

Most men would rather be alone than be with a woman whom they feel they can’t make happy. It’s not just about providing in terms of financial resources (though that’s a large part of it) – it’s about him feeling like you will actually let him make you happy.

If you are not open to him, and you make it impossible for him to make you happy (many women do this, as surprising as that may be to you!) then he’d going to run, or at the very least – pull away emotionally.

For most men, if he can make his woman happy, then he’s successful (at least in that area of his life), and that feeling helps him a lot in other areas of life as well.

By the way, your job as a woman is not to ‘let him know that he doesn’t need to feel pressured’, because that, again, is taking away the essence of what makes him a masculine man. Your job is to understand it, and act from that understanding, which is something that I will be teaching you later on.


If You Wait... Will Commitment Happen On Its Own?


As most of us women know intuitively… time is ticking.

Every day that passes, is one more day that your relationship doesn’t feel secure to you.

Every day that passes, is your chances of having a secure, stable, reliable relationship slipping away.

You cannot change the fact that time is ticking, and will always tick away. The only thing you can change is your relationship, or change the status of your relationship and how you feel about that.

As women, if we don’t actually inspire our man to commit, then when will we ever have children and a loving family? Remember, our biological clock is completely different to a man’s biological clock.

A man could have children all the way to his seventies, but as a woman, everyday closer to 40 years of age means a fraction less chance of bearing children.

Imagine breaking up with your man… it may take you 2 or more years to settle down with someone else.

You’ll have to go through the same process of… going on dates, getting to know each other, moving in together (if that’s what you want) and having him propose…get married and then you get to have babies.

How long would all that take realistically? I think 2 years is definitely an underestimate, especially for most of the population.

So it’s absolutely necessary that you at least learn what would make a man commit and what repels them from wanting to commit. Without that basic understanding, you will essentially live a life of uncertainty, having no security and stability in your relationship, and may end up being old, and alone one day.

(No one deserves to be old and alone, so don’t let that be you!)


Here are the 5 Keys to Inspire A Man to Want to Commit to You Physically and Emotionally...


Step 1 – You have to discover your man’s blueprint and understand his commitment resistance

First of all, men and women are wired totally differently. And I mean… TOTALLY differently.

Studies have shown that women use both hemispheres of the brain, where as men only tend to use one side of their brain most of the time.

Studies have also shown that women use the white matter of their brain 6 times more than men, but on the other hand, men use their grey matter of their brain 5 times more than women.

So science has now proven that women and men actually operate totally differently, think differently and feel differently. What is common sense to a man, isn’t so common sense to a woman. And vice versa, what is common sense to a woman isn’t so common sense to a man.

If you think that by “thinking like a woman”, you can inspire your man to commit more to you… then you’ll be completely and utterly disappointed. You may even wait and wait and wait… until you realize he’s never really going to commit fully to you.

So you have to learn to understand what it’s like from a man’s perspective. What factors motivate men, and inspire them to want to commit to a woman?

What factors actually repel and turn men off wanting to commit to any woman, even some of the most physically beautiful women? (Just think about the fact that Halle Berry couldn’t keep any of her men committed to her, nor could Meg Ryan with Dennis Quaid)

You must understand what actually contributes to a man’s commitment resistance, and how you are actively contributing to that problem.

By knowing all this important knowledge from a MAN’s perspective, only then, can you start to learn how to inspire your man to commit more to you.


Step 2 – You have to actively create attraction that creates the fuel for the relationship

Attraction is probably what brought you and your man together in the first place. It is the fuel that creates the excitement and the passion in any relationship.

Without attraction, you guys are just friends. Without attraction, your relationship tends to become meaningless. Without attraction, then chances of your man committing to you willingly, is slim to none.

I don’t say this to intentionally disappoint you, I say because it is the truth.

Men will commit their time, their attention, their resources, and even exclusivity and marriage, when they FEEL attraction for you. (That’s right, they have to feel the gut level attraction inside of themselves… even if they don’t verbalize it.)

But one of the biggest problems with relationships, is that attraction usually diminishes over time. So unless you know how to actively build attraction in your intimate relationship, then your relationship is probably more like a time bomb, waiting to explode and crush all your hopes.

So the knowledge and ability to build attraction in your relationship… is one of the most important and useful skills you can possibly have.


Step 3 – You have to establish a depth of connection with your man, so he can trust his heart with you.

You must make your man feel deeply connected to you and your soul.

You must make your man feel like he could trust you, trust you with his unspoken feelings.

Or else for him to make a giant leap of faith to commit to you, is very unlikely.

The truth is, commitment is a scary thing for men.

It’s not always very obvious or even intuitive to us women, but most men are terrified of losing their freedom through this act of committing.

So it is imperative that as a woman, we make our men feel connected to us and have trust in us.

The trust and deep connection that I’m talking about, is what glues the relationship together forever. Without this “relationship glue”, then anyone or anything could come between you and your man and break things apart.

So remember, if he doesn’t trust you and feel connected to your soul, then he most likely won’t take that leap of faith and commit to you. He needs to trust that you won’t take advantage of him, won’t betray him and won’t throw him in the relationship jail (and throw away the key!)

You have to help him trust you on a deeper level than he's ever trusted before.


Step 4 – You have to teach your man how to commit to YOU without him backing away or withdrawing

Believe it or not, some men just don’t know how to commit. (A lot of them actually)

You see, as women, most of us grew up thinking and feeling about marriage and perhaps even having children. But a lot of men never think of these important milestones in life. This is especially true with men who were brought up mostly by their father.

It simply isn’t in the masculine energy to focus on these things!

Now I know there are men out there who are “relationship focused” and know when to take the next step, but I also know even more men who don’t have a clue. And this problem is made a lot worse because men have a different timeline to women.

Men can have babies up into their 90’s, women can’t. It’s simply a fact of life.

(The oldest man to father a child was recorded to be 94 years old, he was an Indian farmer)

That’s why you’ll find that a lot of men are just NOT in a hurry to get married and settle down. They have a totally different time line to you.

So knowing this difference in timeline between men and women, you have to learn how to teach your man to commit without actually making him withdraw or back away.

Relationship is a feminine domain, it’s a place where your feminine energy will shine. I truly believe that it’s your gift and job to help inspire a man to be deeply committed to you, rather than expecting him to do it all by himself.

Also remember that commitment can be a very sensitive topic for a lot of men out there, so you don’t want to be too “in his face” about the whole thing. You don’t want to trigger his “defense” mechanisms which makes the whole process much harder.


Step 5 – You have to gradually escalate the commitment by taking small steps towards your relationship future

Commitment doesn’t come all at once. We have to get into a habit of escalating the commitment one small step at a time.

It would be a totally stupid idea to ask someone seriously to marry you on the first date. Same could be said about expecting all the commitment in the world from your man, without a history of small commitments from him in the past.

So this is what you have to do.

Build small commitments first. Make him feel like he’s invested in you and the relationship, and make him feel proud about that.

That’s right, take baby commitment steps first, and eventually the commitments would have escalated so high that he wouldn’t want to spend a minute away from you.

It’s all about building this “commitment momentum”, one step at a time.

It’s all about allowing the snowball of commitment to gather its own momentum and allow it to pick up its natural speed instead of trying to rush things.

And we do this NOT by asking for commitment, but rather inviting commitment. We don’t want to put too much pressure on your man, the point is to make the experience smooth and rewarding for him.

You need to allow him to space to realise that commitment (more importantly, commitment to you) isn’t so scary nor restrictive! He needs to make that decision and distinction for himself as a man.

And only then, will he start to enjoy the process of emotionally investing in you and committing to you.

With all this said, my question for you is, are you willing to take the next step?

Are You Willing to Take the Next Step in This Journey?

Let me ask you something…

Looking 5, or 10 years into the future, where do you see yourself? Where do you see your relationship?

And in which direction is your relationship heading down? In other words, are you and your man getting closer and deeper in love every day that passes…

Or is there more distance in your relationship every day?

What is your gut level response to that question?

I don’t know what the right answer is for you, but you should always trust your gut instinct. It has never let you down.


Let David & I Personally Coach You and Guide You Down the Right Path...


From everything you've read on this page, you would probably have a good overview of the commitment process for a man and some important mindset shifts regarding commitment. You can take all the information and let it all sink in.

However, if you want to continue this journey, then let me introduce you to our Commitment Control 2 program.

My man and my partner David and I have put together “hands down” THE BEST program in the world on inspiring commitment in men. But wait, we don’t say that to boast, we don’t like to do that.

In fact, it is our members who say it for us.

We don’t just teach this because we are in a deeply committed relationship ourselves.

We teach this course because our members and our clients have gone from not knowing what to do in their complicated relationships to having their man progressively shift his energy, start caring about the relationship to a point where some of our members even became engaged and married.

We teach this course because we are both absolutely passionate about creating deep and meaningful relationships and teaching the mindset and skills so others can create the same for themselves.

This 4 week Commitment Control 2 coaching program is personally taught by both David and I and it is literally a step by step walk-through of everything you need to know and do, in order for you to inspire your man to step up and commit more of his attention, emotions, time and resources to you.

And even more importantly, inspire him to make a lifelong promise and commitment to you.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know the tremendous amount of value David has added to our programs, not just from a man’s perspective but from his deep insights into attraction and creating emotional commitment.

His input is something we can’t do without.

Now before I go on further, I must let you know that Commitment Control 2 isn't open to everyone to join. 


How to Qualify to Enroll in Commitment Control 2…


Not everyone is invited to join Commitment Control.

There are 3 rules in which you must follow, in order to qualify for a membership within Commitment Control 2.0. NO Exceptions.

Rule 1 – You have to forget what you’ve learnt about commitment, men and dating.

There’s too much bad information out there in this area of dating. There are literally dozens of websites out there offering free information that is not only wrong, but also extremely harmful for your relationship.

So it’s important for me to just ask you – for the duration of this program, that you forget what you’ve learnt or read in the past about commitment, men, and dating. You can always go back to your old ways later on, but see this as a whole new perspective. Try it out, and judge it by the results you get. You can always chew it and spit it out later on.

Rule 2 – You have to be willing & open minded enough to try out the exercises and homework we give you inside the program.

It’s hard to make progress in a relationship without taking any action. And if you take the same actions as you’ve always taken, then you’ll get the same results as you’ve always gotten.

We will give you some very specific action steps in Commitment Control 2 because we know that these actions will help you. Other women have used them before you with astonishing results.

If you don’t take action, then we can’t really help you. Not to mention you will be severely sabotaging your own relationship and the progress of commitment.

Rule 3 – Do not purchase or work through any other dating & relationship programs in the next 4 weeks.

The reason is simple. I don’t want you to get mixed influences and become either overwhelmed or confused… It is already so easy to become confused about dating and relationships altogether. I certainly don’t want to contribute to that chaos and add to your misunderstanding.

So keep away from other relationship advice, books or programs during the process of working through the 4 weeks of Commitment Control 2.

And look to be honest, if you follow the program as it is set out for you, you will soon understand why you would never want to go back to the “common and ubiquitous” advice found everywhere.

This is the best coaching program of its kind in the world, and it's because we get outstanding results for our members.

So if you’re willing to abide by these 3 simple rules, then please read on. If you’re not willing to stick by these rules, then this is probably not a program that you would want to be involved with. It’s time for you to move on.

If you’re still reading, let me tell you more about Commitment Control 2 and what it can do for you.


What Can Commitment Control 2 Do For You?


Commitment Control is literally a step by step walk-through of everything you need to know and do, in order for you to inspire your man, to step up and commit more of his attention, time and resources to you. And even more importantly, inspire him to make that lifelong promise and commitment to you.

  • Learn the real psychology behind what makes a man want to commit his whole life to a woman compared to a man who has already made up his mind of “never going to commit”. (The interesting thing is, the same man could not want to commit to you but naturally want to commit to another woman, so you need to know why…)

  • Discover the deep animal psyche of the male brain and discover what they really need from you & from the relationship in order to stay committed. (It’s important for us to remember that men commit because of emotional reasons, NOT logical reasons.

  • You will discover the 3 things most women fail to give their man and why this causes men to want to vanish without a trace. (These are the 3 most important things that will determine whether a man commits to you or not!)

  • You’ll learn the 3 commitment driving steps to effortlessly overcome his commitment resistance and defence mechanism before it comes up even if he doesn’t want to “TALK” about it. (Look, here’s the truth. It’s much easier to address these issues BEFORE he starts getting defensive and avoids the subject.)

  • We’ll teach you how to create a depth of attraction and emotional connection with your man that you only see in the hottest fiction novels and films… even if you don’t feel like you are capable right now! (There’s a specific formula to creating deep emotional desire, and I want to share that with you!)

  • Learn the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to show up in your relationship as a high value high status woman. (Nothing is worse than getting taken for granted. And nothing will kill your chances of a committed relationship than being a low value woman.)

  • Discover the amazing power of “High Value Vulnerability” and how to use it to get HIM to love you, stay with you and support you. (The high value vulnerability transformation exercise will blow your mind)

  • Learn strategies on getting him to choose you over the other women he could be seeing or dating. (Regardless of how attractive other women are.)

  • You’ll learn how to bring back the excitement in a stagnant relationship. (and get him to commit, take things to the next level and think it was his own idea!)

  • Learn how to create an unbreakable emotional bond with your man and forever eliminate the chance of another woman getting between you. (Once this emotional bridge is forged, it is hard to break)

  • Learn how to instantly build trust and rapport with your man by using the 5 vulnerability triggers even if he has stopped speaking to you for weeks. (Trust is a huge key factor in a man’s decision to commit to any woman)

  • You’ll learn how to use high value stories to gently guide a man to commit deeper to you and have him love the process (We’re going to show you how to do this properly without your man withdrawing or pulling back.)

  • You’ll learn how to escalate the commitment naturally and have your man wanting to spend more time with you no matter what stage of relationship you are in right now. (and have him love and cherish that time spent with you!)

  • You’ll learn the 5 subtle commitment tests to instantly tell if he would commit to you long term or not. (and what to do if he fails these tests…)

  • You’ll also learn how to use “positive neurological associations” to make it euphoric for him to be with you. (Remember commitment comes from an emotional choice, not an intellectual one!)

  • You will learn how to go from “just dating” to him desperately wanting to become exclusive with you and even put a ring on your finger… (even if he has given you excuses like he doesn’t have enough money)

  • …and so much more…


The 4 Week Schedule of Commitment Control 2


Week 1 – Understanding Men & Commitment Resistance

In week 1, we’re going to start off by addressing a very important question, will your man EVER commit to you? And more importantly, what is going to take for him to start committing to you at a deeper level?

One of the key things there is of course, to become your man’s one and only, and get away from the category of one of many. This can sometimes be easier said than done especially when you’ve already established yourself in a certain way with a man.

So we’re going to address that, and I’m going to teach you about the important difference between indicators of interest versus indicators of commitment.

You as a woman, need to know at every moment, whether this man is worth your time or not. Remember, your relationship timeline is different a man’s timeline, your time is by far worth more.

You need to accurately gauge whether your man is only just interested in your right now, or is he actually showing signs of commitment.

These are very different indicators and again this ties into knowing whether you’re a man’s one and only or just one of many.

We’re going to go inside the male brain and talk about the 3 main moment to moment goals for a man and how that affects you.

Remember the more your man feels successful, the more he is able to commit to you and the relationship. If he feels like a failure all the time, he’s not going to want to show up anywhere. It is important that your relationship is set up where you and your man both succeed.

Another issue you may face is that sometimes you may feel like you’re just giving too much in the relationship and not getting anything back in return. We’ll definitely address this issue in week 1.

Also Renee is going to help guide you in specific ways to reconnect with your man after he’s pulled away and withdrawn. This is an important skill that you shouldn’t take lightly because HOW you deal with your man pulling away will directly influence how he shows up the next time in the relationship.

So Renee is going to show you a specific test to see how much your man actually cares about you and a specific way to reconnect with him in a high value playful way without you looking needy or desperate.

Week 2 – Creating Unbelievable Attraction

Moving onto week 2, I’m going to show you the 3 mandates of attracting a commitment friendly man. What signs to look for and what do they mean.

We’re going to talk about high value vulnerability, and I’m going to walk you through step by step how to express high value vulnerability to your man, but also I’m going to show you dozens of examples of what is high value vulnerability and what isn’t.

I’m also going to give you an exercise to do, that will open your eyes to how your energy can instantly make a man want to take care of you.

In week 2, we’re going to focus a lot on triggering a deep sense of attraction, and cultivating a sense of mystery around you, so that men can’t help but remember you, become fascinated by you and keep thinking about you.

This is deep attraction, this type of attraction men won’t get bored of after a few weeks or months.

We’re going to talk about the mindset of being a high value high status woman. I’ve already explained how important this is, if there’s one thing I want you to take away from everything I teach, that’s be a high value high status woman, and everything else will fall into place.

Renee’s going to explain an advanced topic that is light and dark attraction. See there are two different types of attraction and both are valuable to men. You need to understand and tap into both, or else you may come across as a boring one dimensional woman.

Also in week 2, I’m going to show you the 3 steps to effortlessly overcome your man’s commitment resistance, and magically lower his defense mechanism no matter how much he’s resisted commitment or how many excuses he’s given.

Week 3 – Connecting and Teaching Commitment

Moving onto week 3, we’re going to focus more on the other driver of the commitment process, which is building a deep sense of connection. The connection that I’m talking about here isn’t just some flimsy “I know what his favorite food is” type of connection. I’m talking about a connection that is so deep that he feels like he’s known you forever, or perhaps he’s known you in a different life time.

He’s going to feel like you’re his soulmate, I mean this type of connection doesn’t come about often in a lifetime especially for men, so I can guarantee your man will treasure that deep heart to heart connection with you.

You’re going to learn how to create an unbreakable trust in your relationship. Why is this important? Because the truth of the matter is, for a man to commit deeply in a relationship, it’s a very vulnerable position for him to be in. He needs to trust that you will make him feel safe in that relationship. this is by far overlooked by most women because sometimes it’s easy to assume men feel safe all the time. This is simply not true, and in a committed relationship is where men can feel the least safe because it’s not always familiar to men.

Most men fear commitment partially because of the uncertainty that comes with a committed relationship. It’s a little foreign to men, so building that trust will help bridge that gap for you.

Also in week 3, I’m going to show you how you need to test your man’s commitment. You see, As you get more and more involved with a man, you need to become more and more sensitive and aware of how much he is committing to you.

With that knowledge, you can make the right decision moving forward. Without that knowledge, you will make mistakes after mistakes with him.

Also one of the problems you’ll encounter is that you’ll realize not every man knows how to commit in a way you may appreciate. In fact, most men have very little idea of what commitment looks like to a woman. I’ve been guilty of this many times in the past. This is why it is almost imperative that you as a woman need to guide him and teach him how to commit to YOU.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit him down and lecture him, there are much more subtle and under the radar methods to teach a man to commit to you in the way you want. And I’m going to go through that in week 3 of Commitment Control 2.0

Week 4 – Time to Escalate Commitment

Moving onto week 4. In week 4, we’re going to get a bit more advanced.

We’re going to cover some advanced facets of high value vulnerability. I’m going to explain why some of the most common dating and relationship advice is absolutely rubbish and totally detrimental to your expression of high value vulnerability femininity.

There are certain things that will trigger men to take care of you and be there for you, that you may think are crazy… but they work. Other women may judge you for it, but the thing is, they work really well. we’re here to learn how to inspire a man to want to commit to us, and sometimes we can’t please everyone along the way.

I’m going to show you how to escalate the level of commitment in your relationship in small yet consistent steps.

You’re going to learn how to of building positive commitment associations that allow your man to actually feel good as he naturally falls into the relationship with you.

I’m going to talk about the journey from dating to getting married. How you should approach the whole topic, regardless of your situation right now. I know some women are with men who feel like they don’t have the resources or the money to get married right now, so I’m going to show you how to get around that money obstacle at the same time make your man feel like a man. Remember, men are more likely to commit to you if they felt like a capable man.

Plus, David will reveal the 5 key moments of commitment he personally went through from the first moment he met Renee, to giving his vows on their wedding day. You see, every man will have to face these certain moments in their relationship where he would have to consciously decide, “do I want to take this further, or do I back out now?”

Looking back on them, these were critical moments that defines the outcome of any relationship, and I guarantee similar moments will play a pivotal role in your relationship. There were a few key elements that influences a man to go deeper instead of pulling away and I’m going to share with you what they were.

So I want to share what those 5 key moments of commitment are, so that you can have the power that comes with knowing what to anticipate for.


The Benefits of a Video Based Coaching Course


When you sign up to Commitment Control 2, you will immediately get access to the first week’s content inside our beautifully designed library portal. Here is how the complete program is formatted. Commitment Control 2 is primarily a video based program. Every week, 7 video lessons are released and you’re welcome to either watch these videos in our membership area, or download them and watch them at your leisure. We have found that this is the best way to consume and digest the content. These videos are also converted into MP3 audio files, so that you can download them and put onto your MP3 player to listen on the go. These MP3 audio files accompany every single video and are included in the members area free of charge. Also, there are exercise handouts for every single video, in the form of PDF downloads. These handouts summarize the video content and give you the information in a concise and easy to digest way.

Lastly, every video is meticulously transcribed, so if you prefer to read over watching videos or listening to audio, then you can download these transcriptions underneath every single video and read at your own pace.

So as you can probably tell, we took more time than necessary to make sure the whole course is prepared in a way that you can digest the information easily and effortlessly regardless of your learning style.

Also, when you register you instantly become a LIFE TIME MEMBER of Commitment Control 2. This means that you will receive any updates or future videos that we post up inside the members area.

So if we ever produce a Commitment Control version 3, you’ll get that upgrade absolutely free.

This is just another gesture to let you know that we care about all of our members and that’s why our customer loyalty is through the roof.

  • Video Based Course

    The best way to deliver world class content is through videos.

  • Audio MP3's Included

    Save time and listen to the content on the go from your MP3 device.

  • Transformational Exercises

    There is homework for you to complete every week.

  • Everything is Transcribed

    Just in case you love to read, you can read the transcripts of every module.

  • Life Time Membership

    You will have life time access to the content AND you will get life time upgrades for FREE.

  • Secure Library Portal

    Everything will be delivered in our beautifully designed library portal.

  • Q & A Fridays

    There will be a questions and answers session every Friday! 

  • Access Anywhere

    You can access the whole program using your smart phone or tablet. No computer needed!


You’ve Waited Long Enough… Now It’s Your Turn to Have the Joys of A Deeply Committed Relationship


Imagine this for a moment…

Imagine the joy of a deeply committed and secure relationship...

Imagine how that would impact you and your emotions?

No more questioning where the relationship is going… now you have assurance, certainty and you can have comfort in that certainty.

No more worries about the future of the relationship, or perhaps the lack of a future…

No more humiliation in front of other women, who may actually be laughing behind your back… as to why you guys are “still just dating…?” or “seeing each other”.

No more of being unsure whether he’ll be there in the future or not… and instead, have him naturally wanting to make that promise to you.

Inspire him to take the relationship to the next level, and give you more of himself than he’s ever given.

Imagine the warmth of assurance, the comfort of knowing that you are NOT wasting your time, and that your energy, youth and time is NOT being wasted.

Imagine having no regrets later on, knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

Think about it for a moment…what is all that worth to you? What is it worth to you in terms of your health? Your emotions? Even your finances?


What Is It Costing You to Live Without A Committed Relationship?


This is something that you probably hadn’t thought of…

But what is it really going to cost you, to not have that committed relationship right now?

Is it causing damage to your emotions? Your self esteem?

The stress of it all is probably also causing your body damage and disrupting your hormones.

Perhaps it’s even causing you to be less productive, and causing you to sabotage your professional life.

So let me ask you this, what is a life worth when you go through this on a day to day basis?

We all only have one chance at life, we all have to make the most of it.

Can you really put a price tag on the loss of your time, your youth and your life? Can you really afford to lose years from the most precious resource we all have, our time?

(Remember, every year that passes means the chances of you finding that close committed relationship decreases)

Imagine, wasting a whole year. Imagine wasting the whole year’s salary of $45,000. After all, what’s money worth when you don’t get the commitment that fulfils your soul?

So the point is, you can NEVER put a price tag on your time, and your life.

You have to come FIRST!

It is your time to handle this part of your life, once and for good.


Take the Leap of Faith & Invest in Yourself


When was the last time you truly invested in yourself?

When was the last time you trusted your gut and taken that leap of faith?

So if your gut instinct says that this is a program you would totally benefit from, then trust your gut instinct as it is almost never wrong.

I know this is probably a leap of faith for you, but once you're on the other side, you'll realise how "RIGHT" of a decision that was for you.

(But you’ll never know if you don’t take the leap)

I remember back years ago, I wanted to go to a seminar that costed over $6000. (That's right, no joke, it was 6k a seat). Only problem was, I had no money at all… and we needed 2 tickets for the both of us.

I scratched my head for days and days tying to figure out how to get the money together, and I just couldn't figure out how I could make it happen… until 2 days before the event. Something came over me, and call me crazy but I knew I had to attend this seminar. There was no other way.

I trusted my gut instinct. I knew I had to take that leap of faith.

And I did.

I borrowed, and I borrowed some more. I found slightly cheaper tickets on the 7th page of google search. I didn't sleep for 2 nights, but I made it happen.

The next thing I knew, we were on a plane across the country on the morning of the registration day and I never looked back. I smiled to myself all the way there because I knew this was right.

But it wasn’t easy trusting my gut instinct! It was hard.

As it turns out, the seminar was life changing and no amount of money could have replaced it.

I can only say that because I took a leap of faith.

Look, I was scared, I'd never borrowed any amount of money before, let alone this much. But I also knew that if I didn't take the leap faith, I would simply go back to the mundane day to day life.

Nothing would change, I’d go back to status quo. (And I couldn’t live with that)

That event was probably the greatest investment I made in myself. Not because of the cost (I've now attended even more expensive workshops), but because of the courage it took to take that step forward when I had little resources.

Now I invite you to join us in Commitment Control 2. The investment for the whole program is 3 monthly payments of $299.

The investment in yourself: priceless.

I can honestly say with all my heart and soul that the leap of faith I took change the direction of my life for the better, but I can't decide for you. Only you can.

So the question is, will you take the leap of faith today?

So here’s the way it works…

I want you to try Commitment Control 2, the whole program, at my risk.

Simply try the whole thing out, and at the end of the next 30 days, I want you to ask yourself… “Have I experienced everything Renee & David promised to me?”

I cannot predict your answer, only you can. But if the answer is not an absolutely resounding “hell yes”, then I want you to ask for a refund. So if you decide for any reason at all, (or for no particular reason at all,) that this is not for you, then just ask for a refund.

You can do this via email, our helpdesk or even call in. I don’t care how you do it, you just have to let me know! We will immediately give you a full refund and you won’t have to pay a dime.

This is like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite meal and if you don’t like the taste of it, then you can walk out without paying.


You Either Rave About Commitment Control 2, Or...


You either rave about Commitment Control 2, or I will insist you take every cent back, as long as you let us know within 30 days of purchase!

In fact, we’ll make it better than that! I will even send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card as my way of saying… "Hey, Thanks for giving me your trust and trying something new."

I respect your time and your energy, and I would not waste it.

Look, I know that it really feels horrible to not know where your relationship is going.

As us women know, time is ticking, and neither of us are getting any younger by the minute. Nobody likes to grow old alone, however it’s a scary thought isn’t it?

I truly believe you deserve the deeply committed and fulfilling relationship that you have always wanted. I believe that this “GAP” between where you are right now and that fulfilling relationship will be filled by everything we’ll teach inside of Commitment Control 2.

We take pride in building raving fans, and we take pride in delivering results for our members and clients. We always have, and we always will.

I’m absolutely confident that after you work your way through the next 4 weeks of Commitment Control 2, you will start to see things shift in your relationship naturally.

Your man will want to spend more time with you, listen to you, and become emotionally available to you. Why? Because he’ll feel safe with you.

Not only that, but you will have the lifelong skills and knowledge to know how to inspire commitment whenever you need to. You’ll have the skills of lowering a man’s resistance and defence mechanism. You’ll have the skills of triggering emotional attraction from a man, something that is very difficult to do.

These are the things nobody can take away from you. These are yours to keep forever.

By the way, everything I’ve just mentioned, is only the beginning. Like almost all of our members, you’ll realise that Commitment Control 2 is way more in depth and way more powerful than what you had initially thought.

As one of our members Teresa recently told me… “I’m learning so much from it, much more than I thought when I was buying it."

YES! I Am Ready to Take the Next Step...

I am serious about investing in myself to learn how to become a high value commitment worthy woman and create a deeply committed relationship.

By registering… I understand and accept the following…

  • I understand that you’ve taken many years to learn, perfect and organize this knowledge, and I agree to treat this coaching & training with the utmost respect
  • I agree and give you my word that I’ll complete all of the training sessions and give it my best
  • I agree to do all of my assignments and homework, and implement the lessons I learn in my life
  • I agree to participate fully in this program
  • I agree that I am investing in this program with my “eyes open” – meaning that I’m not registering out of desperation – and that I can afford it
  • I understand that this is going to be FUN, intensive work, and I’m up for the challenge!

My 100% 30-Day Zero Risk Guarantee

I’m seriously going to give this program my very best effort, and I’m going to give it my all. I also understand that I have a generous full 30 days without risk to decide whether or not Commitment Control 2 is for me, and that I can ask for a full refund anytime in that 30-day period. By staying in past 30 days, I agree that I’m committed and I’m going to stay with the program all the way through to the end!

I want to start Commitment Control 2 today

+ Commitment Control 2 Life Time Membership

(3 Monthly Payments of $299)

add to cart

How Do You Know If Commitment Control 2 is Right for You?


By now you probably already know whether Commitment Control 2 is right for you. But just in case you’re still not sure, then remember, this program is probably NOT for you if…

You’re already in a deeply fulfilled relationship whereby your man gives you absolute certainty in where the relationship is going, he explicitly expresses his love for you and his intention to take care of you for life, and he actively shares all his attention, all his resources and his time with you.

If you are sure within yourself that your intimate relationship is progressing the way you want it to, (and that you’re not going to stay “boyfriend/girlfriend” for an eternity), then this program probably isn’t the choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re unsure about your relationship, or you’re unsure what the future holds for you and your boyfriend, then I would totally suggest that you get started with Commitment Control 2 today.

After all, time is ticking.

If your man isn’t giving you his promise to take care of you for life, then you need to learn to give so much value to him that he wouldn't want to live without you.

If your man isn’t giving you the full attention that you want or deserve, then you need to inspire him to commit more of his attention on a regular basis.

If your man isn’t giving you the time or the physical resources you need, then you need to learn what triggers would inspire him to commit more. As I have described earlier, this is not to a way to manipulate him, but rather tapping into what energy naturally make men WANT to commit.

Can you really afford to NOT invest in yourself?

Can you really afford to live the rest of your life like how it is right now?

Can you really afford to keep status quo and expect to create memories and a life worth living?


Still Not Sure?


If you’re at all skeptical about this, I understand. You have every right to be.

I’ve seen the garbage that’s being sold out there on the Internet. Most of it is a waste of time for you. In fact, most of the advice out there is simply to manipulate men into giving you something, but in the long run, men will get sick and tired of being used and manipulated that they’ll leave the relationship bitter.

Commitment Control 2 is different. This is the real deal, no B.S. advice, just real and proven strategies to help you inspire your man to take the next step in your relationship.

And of course, shift all the risk on us, (as it should be), and test this entire program out for 30 days. You really have nothing to lose.

You can start module 1 of Commitment Control 2, in the next 10 minutes once you order it.

Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about this. If you have any questions at all, or any problems, you can contact us via our helpdesk. (Click here for the help desk)

We look forward to hearing all the great results you achieve and also look forward to helping you in your love life for years to come!

So regardless of whether you try Commitment Control 2 or not, I wish you the best of luck in your life and relationships for the future.

D. Shen & Renee Wade

Founders of Shen Wade Media

P.S. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you took a leap of faith and believed in yourself? My bet is, your life is better because of you believed in yourself.

P.P.S. Just remember, you will always be protected by our “Raving Fan” Guarantee! Our existing members know it’s a fantastic program, and I want you to think so too. If you’re not a raving fan by the end of the program, then I insist you get your money back and PLUS an Amazon gift card as my way of thanking you for taking that leap of faith with us.

If you're still on the fence about this, why not give us a call? We'll speak to you over the phone to answer any concerns you have! Here's our international number... 1 (646) 679 6626


Here is some Amazing Feedback Already from Successful Women Who Have Taken Commitment Control…


Thanks a lot, David & Renee!

I really love your programs. It helps me a big deal. I'm learning so much from it, much more than I thought when I was buying it.

I'm just done with week 2, because I feel I can't digest too much at once. The information is really important, so I don't want to lose anything by rushing through it.

I also noticed that I need time to reflect and feel inside myself, sometimes even for a couple of days. On the one hand to let the information sink and let it become a part of me. But on the other hand I noticed if I see too many videos in a row, and don't get a break in between, I am in a constant mode of changing my mindset, of correcting myself, and also start doubting myself, so that I tend to feel unstable, unsure, and not comfortable in my own skin anymore.

But so far it really helped me. I'm much more relaxed in my relationship already, and I am starting to see changes in his behavior too.

Thanks a lot for the support, and keep up the good work!

Teresa Holfeld
Teresa Holfeld

Hi Renee and David,

Thank you ! ! ! Your Commitment Control program is brilliant. You’ve presented very sophisticated concepts in an easy to understand context. I especially want to thank you for your advice about when he withdraws, why, and what to do about it – fill up my life.

Hope to read more from you soon.


Dear David and Renee,

This, by far, was the most enlightening video for me…gives me permission to accept all of me. By the way..The gentleman I am dating asked for exclusivity this week. Nice to know we are moving forward. I tend to feel that your course has changed my attitude and views which facilitated this step forward in my relationship.

Thanks for your course and for being there.


Dear Renee, I have followed your work ever since it first began. I have personally experienced that every word you say is true. I am going through really rough times in my life right now, on most days, I wake up just to read your blog to keep moving through life.

Thanks for being you. May God bless you.


Hi Renee,

Want to give a big thank you for all your support on the commitment control programme. The guy I met during my travels, in one of the pictures sent, is now my boyfriend.

He enjoys the challenges I throw him and said i shouldn't stop doing it. He’s feeling happy and content and have respect for me. He also said hes committed to this relationship.

It is hard work but worth all the effort. I’m always striving to grow and learn everyday. These pictures were taken last weekend, our first valentines celebration ever!

Best wishes.


Dear Renee and David,

I'm writing to thank you for your tremendous effort in putting this course together. It has been an amazing journey this past month, and I have so enjoyed watching each video and completing all of the lessons (still am doing the 10 day exercise in week 4!). It has been truly inspiring and empowering.

I've been dating my boyfriend for 10 months, and when I started taking this course we were on the verge of breaking up. I know now it's because I didn't know how to handle my fear during his withdrawal. I was a wreck for a couple days every month, and it was pushing him away. I wasn't happy, and he would obviously feel like he wasn't enough for me as he couldn't make me happy.

I obviously still have work to do with myself in becoming more of my feminine self and growing as a person during his withdrawal. This program has given me this vision and has been enlightening in ways words cannot express. I

feel like I can be the girlfriend he always wanted, and I had her inside me all's the happy me!!!

I had actually started seeing a psychologist about a month before starting this course to expand my thinking and find out why I was getting so depressed. I felt like I knew it was me that couldn't handle (now I know it's called a withdrawal period), but I didn't know what to do. Obviously this course has provided me with knowledge I couldn't get anywhere else. Without this course, I would not have this amazing relationship I feel I have now with my boyfriend.

So thank you, and I know I'll see you again...I have to re-watch the videos to really get everything I can out of it!


Hi David & Renee,

I have gone through version one of this and also understanding men and some of attraction control monthly.

Great job on this updated version of Commitment Control 2.

(Good news, I am in the best relationship I have had so far and my man is madly in love with me and I him, he is all that I need in that he is both a provider and also 'bad boy' I know that he has this freedom to be himself and a good man because I also have been working hard on being the best me!

With some important reminders from you and Renee. I sent about two frantic messages to you two about a year ago when I was in a dead end unhealthy relationship, but I knew that I had to keep growing and these reminders are so important to me, thank you.

I am hoping my man will propose to me, but I know that I can't just hope, he has to understand I need it... I will see how it goes,haha, I just want to see if he wants that too... I will wait a bit, Pretty happy being with him, except I had to recently move for work.. but that's another story! )

best wishes,


Hi Renee, love your stuff.

Ive been following you for a while now and have gotten tons of useful information. I went through your commitment control program as well. Love your programs.

Im wondering if you have a next level for women in how to really develop ourselves in a deep lasting way as high value? Actions, meditations or ways of being. I get hung up by other women and judge myself harshing in comparison to them. Your stuff has helped a lot but I still feel like the depth of being high value and really owning it is missing somehow for me. Im looking for what else I can do to really get it. It slips away too easy as soon as I see my guy looking too long at another woman. Then I turn into an insecure little girl. I save your letters and reread them when I get in that space.

Thanks for doing what you do! You are making a difference!


6 more reasons why you'll love this program...


What We Believe...

We believe that every single one of us, you and I deserve love. We deserve to experience the feelings of warmth, connectedness and passion.

We deserve to be loved exactly how we are right now, without having to become someone else in the process, and regardless of how we look, how many friends we have, or how successful we think we are.

We believe in delivering to you the most cutting edge coaching, so that you can experience the joy and the euphoria that life has to offer, no matter where you are right now.


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