With the right mindset & beliefs about men, it's hard to fail...

Discover how you can "trade in" your anxiety and insecurities for self esteem, self worth and intrinsic confidence, so that no one will ever take you for granted & high value men will recognise you as an indispensable "keeper".

"Forget all the erroneous & misguided ideas on what it takes for you to show up as a high value, radiant and feminine woman. Let me put you on the right path whereby every high value man will consider you a 'keeper'." 

...What do high value women know, feel and believe about men, love and relationships that low value women don't?


Dear Lovely Friend and Beautiful Soul…

It's D.Shen here, the founder of Shen Wade Media, where we teach you how to show up as a high value high, status woman who easily inspires deep emotional commitment from men.

Let me share with you something important...

I'm sure it's not too difficult for you to believe when I say that high value, high status women have very different beliefs and mindsets to low value, low status women.

In fact, some of these belief and mindset differences can literally be worlds apart.

After all, doesn't our mindset and our beliefs dictate what we focus on and what decisions we make?

So in order to show up as a high value woman, the very first thing we have to look at is the mindset behind it.

(Just like everything else in life… it all starts with the mindset.)

I want you to take what I'm about to say seriously…

Every bit of your anxiety and insecurities come from a lack of a "High Value Mindset".

(Just as solid self esteem, unbreakable confidence and unwavering self assuredness also comes as a result of adopting a stronger mindset.)

Because ultimately it's not about you! It's about the meaning you created for yourself.

It's not that you are truly unworthy or undeserving, you only feel that way because of the meaning you place on the events of your life.

(...And the meaning comes directly from your mindset and your beliefs.) 

Your mindset and your beliefs ultimately shape what kind of person you show up to be. If you have low value mindset and low value beliefs, what kind of woman do you think you will show up as?

The answer is obvious, right?

I would even say that the women who are in happy and committed long term relationships have very different beliefs to those women who get themselves in serial unhappy and uncommitted relationships.

It's not luck or coincidence.

It all starts with your beliefs and your mindset.

It takes a certain "type" of mindset to attract high value men and it takes a certain "type" of mindset to inspire his emotional commitment.

(Just as it takes a certain type of mindset to push good men away and trigger fear and distance in them.)

I'm talking about the differences between a high value mindset versus a low value mindset...


She summoned up all her courage to ask him out… but he simply said "no"....


She met him online one quiet evening as they had a "match".

He was one of the few that she thought would be worth her time, so they started chatting.

Everything seemed so nice at the start, he was attentive, funny and seemed to be a real emotionally mature man.

This seemingly sweet back and forth conversation went on for about 3 weeks, before she thought it might be a good time for them to meet up in real life…

She didn't want to be the first to ask, but it didn't seem like that's the direction he was taking… so she thought she should just ask him out somewhere.

So one night, she worked up all her courage to send him a message asking him out for a cup of coffee or a movie...

...and that's when he started to flake.

(And no, don't get the wrong message here. As a woman, you can perfectly ask a man out if you do it in the right way or a "high value" way.)

Excuses started to show up left, right and center from this man, as it took him longer and longer to reply.

The more she pursued his attention and pursued a reply back to her messages, the further away he seemed to go.

Why did this happen to this woman? Should we just simply blame the man for being a flake?


From chasing men to being pursued by the BEST of MEN day and night...


Let me ask you something…

What's the difference between a woman who has to habitually chase men that never eventuate to anything versus a woman who is habitually chased by men, especially high value men?

No, the answer isn't her looks, even though we are told by society that men are just after your looks. (That isn't true at all.)

There are plenty of average looking women with men after them wherever they go.

The real answer lies within her value.

And more specifically, her value in the eyes of men.

But when we talk about value, these ideas can easily become misunderstood and misconstrued. I certainly don't want you to get the wrong ideas here.

Being high value in the eyes of men doesn't mean so much that a woman HAS to be confident or HAS to be feminine.

These are all superficial truths that don't really mean much at the end of the day.

The deeper answer here is that the value comes from a high value mindset where she values, respects and appreciates herself first.

If you're able to feel your own value, then you can be highly valuable in the eyes of men.

Only then, true confidence and true femininity shows up, not some forced and fake confidence or femininity.

That's what we are going to focus on.

Now you've probably heard me say this before…

If you want to attract high value men into your life, if you want to fall in love, and create an incredible chemistry with someone, if you want to have others value your time, your attention and your presence, then you MUST show up as a high value woman.

There's literally nothing as important as this and it all starts with your mindset and beliefs.


All the "myths" of being "high value"...


Ever since I introduced the idea of being High Value to our industry back in 2014 (Through this very popular video, other "coaches" have ripped the idea off and spun it in every way imaginable.)

So let's take a moment to dispel some myths regarding what is high value...

(There's so much erroneous and damaging ideas out there nowadays.)

Myth: It's "High Value" to just simply lean back as woman or just follow the no contact rule. WRONG. If you're not attuned to the situation, leaning back will simply telegraph your disinterest.

That doesn't make you look "High Value" at all. You're just disengaging and running away. Where is the value in that?

You don't magically become "High Value" by acting from the fear of looking TOO interested to a man, just like you don't magically win a competition by trying hard not to lose.

Myth: It's "High Value" to pretend to be happy or confident all the time. This is an absolutely ridiculous notion. Pushing down your feelings or consciously not acknowledging them is not value to anyone, esp yourself.

Your emotions are powerful and they are incredibly valuable in ANY interaction and relationship with men.

(If my beautiful wife Renee was happy & confident all the time, we would haven no relationship.)

Myth: It's "High Value" to just "stay in your feminine". No it's not.

(First of all, don't get me started on how bastardised the concept of feminine is these days... Most "coaches" have no idea of feminine is all about anymore!)

But being feminine isn't a substitute for being high value. Otherwise you're discounting the incredible value in your masculine as well.

...And sometimes being feminine isn't necessarily value all the time in a relationship. You wouldn't really know unless you stay attuned and have access to both your feminine & masculine energies.

Myth: It's "High Value" to always look good and dress well.

Nope. You certainly don't have to do that all the time. You're not a mannequin.

Smart men want to know the real you, they want to have a relationship with the real you... not the exterior shell or facade you put on.

I could probably go on... but at the end of the day, following these ideas or rules is a form of playing games.

(As the cool kids would say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.)

What you really need is to stay attuned, and cultivate intrinsic value as a woman.

The truth is, smart men will always notice the women with intrinsic value. And no matter how many games you play, you won't fool smart men if you didn't have the intrinsic value to back you up.

Make sense?

Remember, smart men are not easily fooled. They want to find the "right" woman to invest and commit to. They don't want to be fooled by women who have little intrinsic value but disguise themselves by playing stupid games.


It's NEVER about being perfect, it's about being REAL...


We all want to be confident, be attractive, be liked and be loved for who we are. And that is going to happen naturally when you can tap into the high value parts of yourself.

We are all universally attracted to people of higher value, you and I are no exception because this is hardwired into the most primitive parts of our brain.

And no, showing up as a high value man or woman isn't about being perfect. That would be ridiculous to even entertain. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Showing up as a high value man or woman means to embrace and appreciate all the flaws and imperfections knowing that they are the real gifts in our lives. Without them we'd lose all sense of who we are in this world and who we have become.

Having a high value mindset is not even about being happy or confident all the time because that simply wouldn't be real. You and I have a range of emotions for a good reason we are not meant to be happy all the time.


No, you don't have to be confident or happy all the time... 


It is certainly OK to not be happy or not be confident because we are all human.

In order to show up in a high value way, and adopt a high value mindset, it is so much more important for you to show up as the real you, rather than a superficial projection of happiness and confidence.

So whenever you hear me talk about the concept of high value, high status, it's not about changing you to be someone you're not, it's about uncovering all the superficial layers of yourself and get you in touch with the real you.

Because the real you has all the power to make a difference. The real you is already high value in all of its essence.

And yes, the high value you will still make mistakes, because mistakes happen to everyone, myself included. So don't put yourself down for it. It’s OK to not need to feel shame or embarrassment for making mistakes.

As long as you can keep learning and keep moving forward, then you will eventually make it.

You will, I promise.


If you don't deeply & truly value yourself, how should anyone else value you?


...And if you don't respect yourself or appreciate your own time, energy and other resources, how will anyone else respect and appreciate that from you?

The answer is obviously that they won't.
But to truly start to value yourself (and not just saying it), to respect and appreciate parts of you that have been neglected, you will have to make some improvements to your mindset.

After all, every word you speak, every action you take, every positive or negative interaction you have with others, starts largely from your mindset.

The biggest problem we all face is that most of our mindsets and beliefs were created subconsciously. We never had a chance to look at whether they served us or imprisoned us.

We just picked up these things up along the way.

Our mother may have had a string of bad relationships, and we've subconsciously adopted her beliefs regarding men, love and intimacy.

And some of these subconscious beliefs may manifest in a destructive and sabotaging way especially in the areas of love and relationships, because these are the areas where we are most vulnerable and have the deepest fears.

It's not just you and me, it's everyone.

So we all need to start being aware of what some of our driving beliefs are so that perhaps we can make some changes and improvements.


Showing up as a high value high status woman is 80% beliefs and mindset...


I say to women all the time… "If you want to show up as a high value woman, first of all, you need a high value mindset, you have to adopt some new and more empowering beliefs."

You need to upgrade your thinking. And that means you will probably have to let go of some of those old thoughts and beliefs you've held onto for too long.

Because everything you do, say or feel, everything you experience in this lifetime, is filtered by and shaped by the beliefs you have.

If you believed that all men are pigs and scumbags, or that all men will cheat, how would that affect every interaction you have with men?

If you believed that you are not worthy of a high value man's attention, then how would that affect your relationships with men?

Look, if you're stuck in a mental paradigm that takes value from you and those around you, then it's probably time to let it go and find some deeper and more empowering beliefs.

The biggest problem I see is that so many of us are running old beliefs that don't serve us and keep us small and low value.

And the core of the issue here is that most of us never really thought about what it is we want to believe in, we just picked up the pieces along the way.


Because your mindset dictates the meaning you place on every moment you have with men...


Like I said before, our mothers may have had a string of terrible relationships, and we picked up some of her habits, beliefs and mindsets about love and relationships.

Our aunt or uncle may have called us certain names when we were little and now we have picked up those subconscious beliefs about who we are.

We may have made a few mistakes in our own relationships and instead of looking for a deeper reason and a deeper meaning, we settled for a superficial meaning that doesn't serve anyone.

(Look, this happens to everyone, myself included, so don't put yourself down for it.)

But perhaps right now is a good time to re-evaluate some of the beliefs we have subconsciously.

I want you to show up as a high value, high status woman, and I'm sure some part of you do too.

And just like anything else in life, 80% of that process is mindset driven.

So what this really means for you is that once you start to adopt the "right" mindsets, you are already 80% on the way there.

And what this also means, is that without the right mindset, you could never show up as that high value, high status woman, no matter what you do or say.

The key is your mindset, and I'm here to help you with that.


Sometimes it's EASY to be subconsciously running a low value, low status mindset...


Look, it's not always easy to become aware of the subconscious beliefs that we filter our lives through.

After all, it's like taking off and examining the glasses that you never realised you were wearing. (Sometimes we've been wearing these glasses so long, we don't know what it's like without them.)

But there are always external symptoms that tell us when you subconsciously run a low value, low status mindset…

Let me just go through some very common symptoms of a low value, low status mindset…

It sometimes feels like the men you like are avoiding you. Whether that's physically avoiding you, or avoiding calling you back, or messaging you back.

It may be hard to get people's attention, and so you feel like you have to "come up with ways" to get attention from others.

You notice that it's difficult for the people in your life to give any value back to you and this may bother you.

You may feel like you're always not good enough for some reason or for no particular reason.

You may feel like you don't deserve anything good and that you're not wanted anywhere.

You may have this underlying level of anxiety on a day to day basis. (And I don't mean feeling nervous, but rather a sense of anxiety that stays with you and doesn't leave you.)

All these are signs that perhaps you could be subconsciously running a low value mindset… and it's not your fault. You probably just picked things along the way a long time ago without realising the LONG TERM dangers of it.

If any of these resonated with you, then I want you to promise yourself - "No More".

You have surely suffered enough. It's time for a change...

...Let me show you another way of thinking...


It's true... men are intuitively attracted to women who are confident, esteemed and who deeply value themselves!


Why is that? Because women who are confident, esteemed and who deeply value themselves have MORE VALUE in any relationship. PERIOD.

(...And value is intuitively attractive to everyone.)

That doesn't mean that low value women won't get any attention. They will. However, the kind of attention that low value women receive is usually one of a predatory nature whereby the man is looking to exploit her vulnerabilities.

So take a guess? When is a good time to start planting these seeds of a high value mindset?

Let me give you an analogy from nature; every mighty oak was once a tiny acorn.

Every belief starts off as an idea, a suggestion, or a seed. It may not seem like much to start with, and it may be easily overlooked, but once that seed takes roots and starts to flourish, it becomes a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Therefore it is critical to have these "new" high value beliefs and mindsets be introduced to you, and allow them to grow and take roots in your mind.

The most important thing here, is to plant the seeds now.

Do not wait because they do take time to grow.

And if you nourish these seeds and allow them the space to explore in your mind and grow, then one day these high value beliefs will become the primary filters in which you see life through.


But is it really possible to CHANGE my existing beliefs and mindset?


Not only is it possible, you've probably done it time after time.

If you've ever believed in Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny, then you would know what it's like to change the beliefs you once had.

Sometimes what we have believed with absolute certainty eventually becomes a reminder of how embarrassing it was to have believed it in the first place.

Sometimes we realise that our old beliefs and mindset has become completely outdated and useless. It's like looking at a road map from decades ago; it may have been useful at one stage, but now it is obsolete.

Same occurs to our mindset.

What worked a long time ago, can be hurting you right now.

As we travel down the road of life and gain more awareness, understanding and wisdom, we need to always be growing and updating our belief system, our mental paradigm.

And right now if you recognize that you may have some of these low value mindsets we talked about earlier, perhaps it's time to let them go and make space for new high value and empowering beliefs to take its place.


Imagine waking up tomorrow with no more insecurities, no more anxiety and the feeling of unworthiness...


Imagine what that would mean to you… to really adopt this new way of looking at life….

...A new way of looking at intimacy, at relationships, at men and at love.

What would it mean to you for others to see you and perceive you as a high value woman?

What would that mean to your confidence and self esteem?

And best of all, you won't have to fake it because you would have adopted this high value mindset as your own.

(By the way, we're not talking about "fake it ‘til you make it, we're talking about stepping into a new paradigm and owning that for yourself.)

What would it mean to you to be able to let go of all the old beliefs that have held you back?

Yes, you might not recognise this new version of you!

Because it may not feel like the "same old" you in the beginning.

It's like moving house… it will feel strange at first at your new home. The first few nights sleeping at a new home is always going to feel strange.

But eventually with the passing of a few more days and weeks, your mind and your body become accustomed to the new home.


How you show up today and tomorrow is entirely in your power, so embrace your power now.


How you show up today, tomorrow, and every other day, is entirely within your power. When you show up as a high value woman, you will attract amazing people, incredible energy and unforgettable experiences into your life.

That's how it works.

Finding a deep sense of love and connectedness, attracting high value people into your life, the ability to create deep meaningful conversations, being able to elicit chemistry and emotional attraction, all these will become easy once you adopt these mindsets and allow them to grow in your mind.

So with that being said, I want to help you adopt this new "high value mindset". I want your new psychological home to be this new "high value paradigm".

Here are a couple of reasons why I want to help…

The philanthropic reason is that by helping you become the highest value version of you, you essentially become valuable, and able to add value back to the world. You become an instrument of value creation, and a catalyst for advancing humanity and the evolution of our world.

Not to mention, through you we can collectively eliminate more fear, insecurity and judgement and help others in need.

Then there's the selfish reason why I want to help...

The selfish reason is that the happier our customers are, the more our business will grow and benefit. The more results we are able to help our clients achieve, the longer our clients will stay with us.

So if you've read up to this point, then I want to invite you to attend our newest masterclass...


Here's my invite to you to join me in this brand new "High Value Mindsets" masterclass…


For the last few of years, we have been getting letters after letters from women all over the world wanting to understand what it is to be a "high value" woman.

This concept of being high value has definitely struck a chord with many.

Unfortunately aside from the regular blog posts, we haven't had a great deal of time to put together a more indepth training program on this topic of being "high value".

...Until now.

This is the first time we're able to put together a masterclass on this very important topic and we hope you are as excited as we are about it!

The class is appropriately named "High Value Mindsets".

The topic that we're going to address in this masterclass is the most important aspect of showing up as a high value woman… and that is the mindset.

More specifically, I want to walk you through the 7 key mindsets of high value women. The 7 beliefs and truths that you need to also adopt as your own in order to show up as a high value woman in your own life.

Again, this is all brand new. We have never taught this anywhere previously.

  • Discover the 7 unspoken beliefs and mindsets that high value women know, feel and believe that low value woman don’t. (...And how these beliefs positively shape every conversation, every interaction and every magical moment you have with men.)
  • Learn what your greatest value is as a feminine woman to men, and how you can tap into that infinite source of value so that men are glued to you like bees to honey. (The tricky thing here is that your greatest value is not in what you can DO for men, but who you become for them!)
  • Discover how you can become the most interesting, irresistible and intrinsically valuable woman anywhere you go and have high value men find you, chase you and want to know more about you. (Even if no man wants to speak to you right now.)
  • Learn how to effortlessly cultivate the esteem, the confidence and knowledge to attract high value men into your life, and to create deep meaningful conversations that lead to chemistry and emotional attraction. (Even if you have been completely crippled with anxiety and fear with men before.)
  • Discover the paradigm-shifting differences between pursuing value or pursuing worthiness and how one will attract attention, attraction and love your way and the other will repel and repulse the very same men. (Understanding this one distinction will make you question every decision you've ever made.)
  • Learn how you can naturally grow to become a more valuable and indispensable woman as time goes on and as a result, no man will ever take you for granted ever again. (Imagine having all high value men recognise you as a true "keeper".)
  • Discover the secret method to end all of your nagging insecure thoughts & negative feelings for good and know with certainty your intrinsic worth. (Even if have never felt remotely deserving of any love!)
  • Learn how to create value out of thin air in any interaction with men by understanding that value is never about you but rather it’s about the connection and attraction in any given moment. (...and therefore become a woman that men never get bored of!)
  • Get access to the entire “High Value Mindsets” Masterclass in our secure library portal right after checkout, no delays! (You get ALL the streamable and downloadable videos, the audio companion files, the transcripts as well as the exercise sheets!
Yes I'm ready to order


The sheer COST on you over the next 10 years without adopting these new mindsets on men, attraction & love...


Let's take a quick moment to just imagine you've jumped outside of your body right now...

Imagine for a moment, that you could adopt a high value mindset as your own.

How would it feel to have this new "high value mindset"?

How would it impact your personal life?

How would it impact how you feel about yourself on a regular basis?

How would it change other people's interactions with you?

How differently would men treat you when you have this new "high value mindset"?

Now just jump back into your body for a moment.

I want you to be aware of what it's costing you right now to stay stuck in your existing mindset. (...and more importantly, what is it costing the future version of you 10 years from now?)

Think about what you are sacrificing by being stuck in your existing mental paradigm?

Think of everything that you could be missing out on if you don't adopt these "high value mindset" as your own...?

I don't know your answers to these questions, only you do. But if you can see and feel the value of a new "high value mindset" would have on your life, then I invite you to come join me in this masterclass.


What is the format of this class?


If you're familiar with any of our programs, you'd know that everything is always hosted within our beautifully designed library portal. It's a place where you can visit anytime and anywhere in the world to access ALL of the programs you've invested in.

This program is no different.

"High Value Mindsets" is hosted within our secure library portal in the form of streaming videos. But that's not all.

We've also included the equivalent audio MP3s as well as having meticulously transcribed everything in case you love to read.

In other words, we've provided you this masterclass in every form and medium possible so that you can go through it in your own way.

...And YES, just like with all our other programs, you will have lifetime access!


The investment in your "High Value Mindset" is literally 0.54 cents per day!


Let's quickly talk about the value of this masterclass and the investment you would have to make.

What would it mean to you to have a "high value mindset"?

For some people, it means a lot, but for others, it may not. We all have our unique journeys on this planet and we're not all ready at the same time.

But I want you to answer me this…

What is the value to you personally if you could adopt a "high value mindset" and keep it for the rest of your life?

Is it worth a bit of your initial investment of time, energy, focus and money?

Now let me ask you this…

Would you invest just a measly 54 cents per day to have this "high value mindset" for the rest of your life?

Is it worth at least $0.54 to you?

Well, that's exactly how much this masterclass will cost when you spread the enrollment fee over the period of a year.

But obviously the awareness, the knowledge and expansion of your mind would last so much more than just a year.

Now just so you know, there are two components to the investment in order to enroll in this masterclass.

The first component is the monetary investment. This investment is a token from you to the universe as a way of saying… "Yes I am serious about the investment in my future mindset."

But more importantly the second component of your investment is your time and your full presence in this class.

I can't force you to give your time or give your presence. Only you have that power.

And only you will know deep in your gut whether this is the right investment for you in this moment in time.

If your gut tells you that this is definitely something for you, then trust your gut instinct because it has never let you down before.

And as always, all our training, programs, and classes are backed by our full money back guarantee. But this time, let's do one step better than that.


What is better than a full "Raving Fan" money back guarantee?


Good question… Let me tell you what is better.

With every program we have ever released, we've always offered a very generous money back guarantee. There has been no exceptions.

The basic deal is, test out our program, and at the end of the program, (or after 30 full days), if you feel for any reason that particular program wasn't for you, then we insist you get all your money back.


We do this because we know that not every program is designed for every woman.

Your specific needs are not another woman's needs. So therefore certain programs would be more valuable to you than other ones.

With this "High Value Mindsets" masterclass, we will be offering the same 30 day full money back guarantee.

But let's sweeten the deal here.

I know it's not always easy to take the leap of faith and invest in a live digital class like this for a lot of people. Some of you may not know what to expect. For some of you this could be totally outside your comfort zone.

I totally understand. (After all, we've all gone through that stage!)

So here's what I want to do for you.

At the end of this masterclass, if you have not been blown away by the class for any reason, we will send you your money back AND I will personally send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card alongside your refund just as a way of saying… "Thanks for taking the leap of faith in attending this masterclass!"

No hard feelings because I know this class isn't for everyone. Some people are ready for the content and the value of this class, some people are not. That's completely OK.


Still not sure?


If you’re at all skeptical about this, I understand. You have every right to be.

I’ve seen the garbage that’s being sold out there on the Internet. – Most of it is pure rubbish (to put it lightly.)

This is different. This is the real deal, no B.S. (I'm sure you can tell, but I thought I'd say it anyway!)

We've been in this game for a long time and will be in this game for a lot longer in case you haven't noticed because we are the real deal.

And of course, go and try it out for yourself risk free. You really have nothing to lose.

Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to invest in yourself. If you have any questions at all, or any problems, you can contact me via our help desk. (Click here for the help desk)

I really look forward to seeing you inside this brand new masterclass and hearing all the great results that come your way.

Lots of LOVE to you as always...


D. Shen

Co-Founder of Shen Wade Media

Commitment Triggers

P.S.  The real question here is... is it worth $0.54 per day to invest in the most important thing of your life, your mindset? Just serving as a comparison. The last private client I had paid me $5,000 upfront and we spent a total of under 2 hours on the phone.

I don't know about you, but I know a good deal when I see one, and this is a deal you can't miss out on. Let's get started together inside of "High Value Mindsets" right now!

P.P.S. Just like all our programs that we've ever published, you will always be protected by our money back guarantee. If this training doesn't literally blow you away, then I insist you get a full refund immediately - no questions asked.

In fact, we'll do even better. I'll also personally send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card alongside your refund just as a way of saying… "Thanks for taking the leap of faith in attending this masterclass!"


Our members love our work, you might as well!


Note: Unlike so many other "coaches" out there, we don't fake our feedback and testimonials. Why? Because we don't have to!

Hi Renee,

My name is Andrea. I am a 31-year old South African woman who came across your website on the internet and have been receiving your emails for a few weeks.

I was in a 9 year relationship with my daughter's father who is a good man, but we were just never compatible. Or so I thought until I started reading and following your advise. We have been separated for 4 years and will never rekindle our relationship, but I now understand why we never worked. I made so many mistakes in our relationship which I was completely oblivious to.

I now have a second chance to correct all those mistakes I made as a young girl.

I have been reading your emails and meditating on the points you make. I have been using your tips and advise and it is amazing how well it works. I am now in a serious, committed relationship with a man I thought I would never be able to find. A man that loves me, cares for me, protects me, provides for me, wants to do anything for me. And the biggest blessing of all is that I now know how to not only keep a man like that, but I am able to keep him happy and satisfied in every sense of the word. I am a high value, feminine woman with a strong yet gentle spirit.

So this email is just to give my gratitude to you and your husband for sharing your knowledge with the world. You guys are making a difference in lives and relationships. A blessing to say the least. Thank you!!

Kindest regards,


Dear Renee..!

You made me understand that femininity does not mean to be pink and helpless but to be wild and free and open. You are the person who helped me to embrace my unique feminine nature and i really owe to you...

I'm still that sassy, blunt , childlike ,little spunky girl, but i feel that my interactions with the opposite sex have evolved to a different level. Without really making a conscious effort to alter my mannerisms, i can sense deep polarity because of you! I don't know how to articulate it but i can feel it...

You gave me to understand that in order to be feminine and attractive i don't have to dull my colors. Now i know that i can be a go getter, intelligent, ditzy, funny, vulnerable, playful and even oversensitive (because i am sometimes) or everything i want and still build attraction. The power that i gained through you is a miracle..!

Thanks and again thanks ! You are a wonderful (and pretty) woman! Keep up the good job! I'm really glad that i discovered you that young!

With love,



THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE VOICE! I'm really needing to tap into my feminine energy and be the woman I know I can be. I'm in college and I always read your emails in between classes 🙂 I'm always thinking negatively and putting myself in a negative mindset about my boyfriend..I'm excited to recreate my story to be a positive one full of self respect and love. I want to thank you so much for all that you do to help women and inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves!

Best wishes,


I love your writings Renee. I connect to everything you write about. You have a gift. Your insight about women now a days are incredibly accurate. You are tapping into what women have been feeling the last 30 years or so (since the women movement ) and how some of us are self alienating ourselfs all because we are now glorifying our independence but actually starting to act like men..... End results, were alone because of this. We cannot forget we are feminine creatures. We are not men .

Thank you sincerely for your writings, please continue.



Thank you for your honesty about your own "girl".  I read this word for word, and found much comfort as I'm doing some things well, and I also found myself cringe a bit as well.  Meaning, I still have work to do.  The important things is I'm willing to do the work.  I want to be a woman, not there girl.

I am currently in a relationship, and it is definitely challenging me to grow. The wonderful thing is, I want to grow.  Im not sitting here complaining about him or pointing fingers at what he is or isn't doing.  Im also for looking at things MUCH differently than I have in the past.  I'm looking at, yes, what I can do to improve myself, but keeping my eyes open and asking the question, is this good and right for me?

Something in the past that I didn't do because I was coming from a needy place.  I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I'm 48 years old, and for the first time in my life I'm really looking at myself, working on my holes, and wholeheartedly wanting to show up as the best version of myself that I can be.

So thank you for all that you do!  I'm currently doing your Understanding Men program, and have enjoyed it very much.  It gives me comfort to know that, yes, I'm doing many things well, but also comfort to recognize what I have to work on, but now have the tools to do so.   

Much gratitude,


I am an attorney who for years hid behind that professional mask. It was easy to trust female close friends with the authentic (aka real) me, but not men....I stayed in that professional box because being real was where I could be hurt....where I was vulnerable. Because of a challenge in the Spring 2016 with a man who I wanted to see the real me, I realized 1) I didn't know how to be a woman who just worked as an attorney, nor did I 2) know how to open myself enough to allow an alpha male space in my life.

I ordered your programs...nearly all of what you offer. I studied, absorbed...listened to probably a hundred hours of your video clips as I drove more than 15,000 miles across country over 40 days this summer. I took notes, outlined...and I have shared with more than 40 women the value they would gain from your program.

Clearly, Renee and David have done the deep digging....they know the multitude of resources available. Their simple, straightforward style would be invaluable in assisting men and women who really want to work through their messiness to get to living from the strength of vulnerability. Being vulnerable--defined as learning to love others/or another when there is no guarantee of that love being returned--takes great strength, but it is also where true acceptance of your high status and high value really starts; where your worthiness and acceptance of being "enough" allows the certainty of joy, love, creativity, passion, peace, etc. to become settled in your countenance, mind, body language, tone, voice, and soul.

I valued everything and will be using the lessons daily.


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