So what is that ONE thing you can say to a man that will instantly capture his undivided attention, trigger his curiosity and make him hang onto every word you say?

Are you ready?

Here it is...


That's right! "You SUCK".

(This is not a mistake, this is not a typo.)

Now you may intuitively get why this may work... or perhaps you find this rather counter-intuitive and confusing.

And yes, it IS a “negative” comment. Yes, it doesn’t sound very “nice”.

That is the point.

You wouldn’t want to just be a one dimensional “nice” woman now, would you?

You have to add some playful energy to this… how much really depends on your situation. Sometimes you want to add a lot, sometimes you want to withhold some playfulness because of the context of your relationship.

So let me explain to you exactly why "You Suck" works so well to capture a man's undivided attention, trigger his curiosity and make him hang onto every word of yours.

Watch the video below for a more thorough explanation... (And how "YOU SUCK" worked to have our member Alena getting asked out literally instantly.)

5 reasons why this works so well...

Reason 1 - You're not approval seeking. In fact, you're doing the opposite of that. You're turning the table and giving the man the opportunity to seek YOUR approval.

Reason 2 - By not acting out of neediness or desperation, you appear as a high value high status woman. This automatically makes you look desirable and mysterious, as if you have all the options in the world.

Reason 3 - This playful put down gives the impression that you are playful at heart and not going to be offended around every corner. Men don't want to be stepping on egg shells all the time around women.

Reason 4 - It gives the impression that you are not out to take value from men. Men know intuitively that in the dating scene, most women are out to take value from men. This sets you apart from all the other women.

Reason 5 - It has a slight sexual connotation to it without being an overly sexual innuendo. It gives the impression that you are sexual confident and comfortable in your own skin.

In dating... men value attraction above all else.

And I don't just mean physical attraction. I mean the type of attraction that makes men fixated and mesmerised by your energy and your presence.

The type of attraction that makes them think about you long after you're gone.

The type of attraction that makes them jump out of bed to read your text.

I call this, "Emotional Attraction".

And this "Emotional Attraction" is much harder to come by than just plain old physical attraction. It takes a deeper understanding and awareness of men, love and attraction.

But let me tell you something important...

Every single man (even the sleazebags of the world) would rather experience emotional attraction over physical attraction, even if they can't voice it.

The reason is, the hormones produced by emotional attraction are more than 10 times more powerful than just physical attraction.

But to be able to trigger such "Emotional Attraction", there are a few things you need to understand.

To trigger emotional attraction, you must know how to...

You must know how to banter and how to throw (what I like to call...) Attraction Pebbles.

CLICK HERE if you haven't attend our free banter class.

What are Attraction Pebbles?

They are little verbal or non verbal cues and gestures that you "throw" at a man, that instantly capture their attention, create mystery and trigger emotional attraction in a high value, non-needy way.

See... most women try to get men's attention in very low value ways. They do it in needy, attention seeking and approval seeking ways.

That's also why these women get very disappointing responses from men, if they get a response AT ALL.

I don't want you to fall into the same trap.

This skill is one of the most important you will ever learn. Knowing how to throw these "Attraction Pebbles" will give you the ability to get any man's attention in a high value way whilst triggering emotional attraction on a subconscious level.

Click Here to Learn more about attraction pebbles.

But regardless, go out there and use 'You SUCK' as much as you can, and see how amazing it works for you too!

Talk soon...

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